Nice To Meet You, I’m A Artist — ‘John’s Vid’ by Johnny Wilson

It is hard to believe that it has been ~six years since the last full-length Johnny Wilson video. Horny got uploaded to Vimeo in January 2015 (Edit: Sure got uploaded to Vimeo six months later, though is now MIA.), and Johnny’s bi-weekly video blogs (a fixture of the skateboard internet during the first-half of the 2010s) ceased production. The Horny Sure alumni embarked on various solo projects, love interests, and professional skateboard careers — only to reunite today, on YouTube.

Features full-length parts from Cyrus Bennett, with his second 10/10 part of the year; Andrew Wilson, whose *spoiler* sign-punch ender made me #lol; Max Palmer, retreading familiar Max Palmer locales that date as far back as the Columbus Park back noseblunt from Mama’s Boys; and Nik Stain, with his truest follow-up to The Bruns Part™.

Also includes Stu’s fourth (fifth?) attempt at The Drop-In™, and not nearly enough Mitch footage. (What the fuck, Mitch.)

Watched it twice back-to-back and the Easter eggs referencing past projects from Johnny and everyone continue to reveal themselves, making it all the more special for anyone who has been along for the ride of watching these dudes grow into some of the best skaters working today ♥


  1. You’re right! Spaced on Sure bc it wasn’t on Johnny’s Vimeo page anymore. Remember Corey throwing up after the premiere big time.

    So, five and a half years :) all points still stand hehe.

  2. 1:14

    Can Do: back tail 21 feet of ledge

    Can’t Do: keep maskless fuckhole of mouth 6 feet away from a stranger in mask

  3. yo… cyrus is the man. that blunt kickflip fakie on the ledges over on like 52nd street or whatever, my jaw legitmately dropped on that one.

    dat boy dere, dat boy good

  4. wild how max can make back nose blunts seem like a basic move, and nik can make manuals death defying stunts.

  5. why does nik stain skate so fast? what is he running from?

    also max’s leg looked fucked

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