Dancing in the Street

Kareem by Atiba. Put this in the MoMA.


If you have a few extra bucks, please contribute to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight organization, which combats voter suppression in Georgia — a place that you’re going to be hearing about a lot these next two months. Shout out to our Georgia readers ♥

Nobody will ever back 180 after a tre flip quite the way Huf back 180ed after a tre flip. R.B. Umali and Hanni El Khatib put together a touching video tribute for Keith Hufnagel.

You likely caught this one via Free last week, but Hosea Peeters’ “Interlude” part by Daniel Policelli rips, complete with a Karl Watson nose manny 360 interpolation on Park Avenue, and a 10/10 back 3 down the big steps across from World Trade. Filmed entirely in New York over the course of two summer weeks, with guest tricks from the new gen Chocolate riders.

Bronze and Tenant have a recap of their best trick contest at Blue Park from a lil’ over a week ago. Fred Gall on the mic.

The New Orleans-based Broth video is now up on Vimeo for any non-U.S. viewers who may have found the YouTube upload blocked in their country when we ran Jordan’s part last month.

Mark Suciu considers how many switch heels is too many switch heels, answers questions about “Verso” and talks about its follow-up for the revitalized “Slap Pals Questions” series.

#AnotherOne from the Richmond, VA-based Tumultuous video: Grayson Schick’s part full of backroad crust.

Grant Patterson offered commentary on his Blind What If part for Village Psychic. The sound of the stomp on the nollie flip crook down the hubba has to be one of the most satisfying skate noises in video history.

“And then there is on-the-verge-of-puberty Tosh Townend’s sleepy part. I never really liked that one…But its a worthy price to pay it as it transitions brilliantly into one of the best montages of all time.” The Warm-Up Zone has some thoughts on the centerpiece montage from Transworld‘s 2001 video, Sight Unseen.

Aaron Wiggs A.K.A. Uncle Leroy spoke to New York mag about the McGorlick Park sidewalk sales for The Cut’s “They Seem Cool” series.

“Would Sean Pablo wear this?” ICYMI: GQ has a profile of Sean Pablo.

Oh, and: Quartersnacks for Vans arriving in stores on Thursday, November 12 ♥

Quote of the Week: “Waiting for election results feels like waiting for the results of every STD test I have ever taken combined.” — Anonymous Chef Friend

Rest in Peace ♥


  1. Fair Fight organization was started after Obese Orange Cheeto claimed impropriety and refused to concede the GA Gov race, despite losing by 55k votes. Current election margins: GA =<10k (16 votes), AZ = <20k votes (11 votes), WI =<20k (10 seats), NV = <35k (6 votes) PA =<50k (20 votes), = 63 contested votes – litigation is ongoing, fruitful rulings thus far, based on ample evidence and buttressed by a conservative Supreme Court. Trump is President until Jan 21 2021 and Biden isn't President-elect until the electors meet and elect him.

  2. When I saw that Hosea Peeters part I figured the nose manny 360 would def be a top 10 inclusion but the line was museum that was included was dope too.

  3. Nice to see someone going in-depth on that montage in Sight Unseen. Amazing

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