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We found a box of tees in the warehouse, so have a restock on some of the Snackman and Tompkins tees in a full size run over on the webstore. Free shipping with the promo code mondaylinks until midnight New York time ;) Thank you to everyone for your support.

Skateboard Story spoke to Aaron Wiggs A.K.A. Uncle Leroy about the bi-weekly BLM sidewalk sales he has been organizing at McGolrick Park throughout the summer, which have raised $140,000 (!!!) for charity over the course of five sales ♥

Jenkem has an in-depth look at multiple black skateboarders’ experiences with racism and police brutality.

“90% of the people who come here say hi to all the locals.” Thrasher hung out with Bobby Worrest while he was working on his part in the D.C-based Facades video from last summer.

Nike SB has a new day-in-the-life-esque video of Deedz’ first trip to the iconic cultural institution known as Broome & Allen. Features cameos from Andrew Wilson and Max Palmer.

“Honestly, with those lines the more you do them the less tired you get.” Farran nerded out with Tom Knox in yet another #longform Slam City Skates interview about his line choreography.

Jake Keenan cruises the zone around the Kosciuszko Bridge cemetery curbs in a new section for OJ Wheels. This had me remembering those “Off the Grid” things the Berrics used to do…

All over the east coast in the new promo from D.O.A. Skateboards.

Videos from elsewhere…U-Turn” is a homie video out of Tacoma, Washington, where it feels like there are no humans on the streets besides skateboarders, and “Joi Jump” is a new one out of Sweden with great noseslides, great filming, and a great ender.

Talking zines… The team at Grey spoke to the team at the Canada-based Medium magazine about their decision to fold operations, and about the last trip they ever went on for the mag + Parade spoke to Richard Hart about Push Periodical and what keeps him going despite the our ever increasingly digitized world.

Quote of the Week
[Really drunk college girl walks up to the spot doing water bottle flips]
Josh: “You know skateboarders invented the bottle flip game?”
Drunk Girl: “Oh yeah? You know what else skateboarders invented? Riding dick!”

Yeah, the NBA is back, but it’s really tough to wrap our minds around watching basketball in August.


  1. That DOA promo was sooo goood, I heard about em a month or so ago. Can’t wait to see what comes from them.

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