Tompkins is back, Nik Stain is pro. Happy summer. Photo via Caleb.

“Ahh the banks at the Jamaican embassy… Iconic spot, great spot, fun spot. Quick bust of a spot though… so the fact that you guys have a little group with a campfire going…”

Someone made a twenty-minute super cut of Tyshawn footage.

“I will do anything for skateboarding. This episode can save lives, it creates communities. It’s the closest thing to music, and the coolest thing about music is that there’s no place on earth where it doesn’t exist.” Skateism has an interview with Buddy and Rick about making the LGBTQ+ episode of Love Letters to Skateboarding. There is also a supplementary “Love Note” with Cher Strauberry and Barker Barrett about how to be a better ally.

OTBX2 came out of nowhere. It’s a new full-length by Harry Corrigan that catches up with all of the original crew from the first OTBX, Goin’ Ham and Film Me videos — the last of which was released ten years ago this summer. Andre Beverley’s opener rules, and it’s so sick seeing new Stephan Martinez footage.

TWS has a gallery of Cole Giordano’s photos from the two protests organized by the New York skate community a week back.

The Deluxe site has been re-worked into a directory of skater-organized protests against police brutality and racial injustice. And don’t forget @justiceforgeorgenyc is your go-to resource for all New York-based information.

Jenkem has a photo feature and interview with two skateboarders who photographed Williamsburg throughout ~1994-2001, before it would be re-zoned as residential area by the Bloomberg administration and turned into the place you know today. Shout out 11th and Wythe ledge.

And if that and our All the Streets Are Silent review from last week wasn’t enough and you still want to read about “old New York” shit — High Snobiety has an interview + crew shots with Alex Corporan, Akira Mowatt and photographer, Giovanni Aponte about the downtown skate and party scene in the mid-90s.

“MR ÉMiLE – Le Film” is a great thirteen-minute video out of Montreal featuring a bunch of the Alltimers guys and Dime extended family.

Slam City Skates gets a skate video, book, album and movie recommendation from Bobby Worrest.

You probably caught this one already: “How Skateboarding Can Help Fight Racism” via The New York Times.

Quote of the Week: “I might skate in a manbun all summer.” — Charles Rivard

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  1. i have always fancied qs monday links as a service to everything that isnt on thrasher or instagram but know enough that when there is ig content its destined to be pure gold

  2. Those Wburg photos!! Just re-watched the NY section of EST2, I remember getting mad hyped at seeing a legit “skatepark” in NYC and going on a mission to find it. All of that footage has aged really well. Also s/o Andre Beverley that dude can really skate!

  3. The skateboard hanging from his pocket while climbing up the rafter gave me some serious Gleaming the Cube flashbacks. Remember when he turns on the car with the elephant wrench? I had that wrench, the guy at the skateshop gave it to me when I bought my first board in like 2000. It got lost somewhere over the years, but that single clip just sent me on this whole flashback like that fool in Ratatouille

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