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Summer 2020 QS stuff should be available at most, if not all, U.S. accounts now. Still arriving in Canada + Australia. Japan + Korea been had it. Arriving in Europe early June. Thank you to everyone who grabbed something from the webstore. We’ll be shipping all week, and yes, you will get a shipping confirmation + tracking when your order goes out. There’s still a good bit on there, though a lot of the tees are down to smalls and mediums. So funny how 3-4 years ago, it was XLs that were leftover, but now everyone seems to have sized up. Spread via Orchard.

The city is just installing randomass street hips for us to have fun on now?

No idea where this came from, but it’s great: “Late Night Stars Episode 1.” All VHS footage around the city, some really turnt backside nosegrinds, and the perils of finding a bag of money at the Williamsburg Monument, only to blow it all on Prada sneakers. Guessing some of these dudes are from Houston based on the Select Skates boards in there?

Jenkem has the video from them building the T.F. West box, which has essentially become the most popular skate spot in Manhattan — considering Tompkins and all the skateparks are now closed.

Mike Munzenrider dives into the skateboard-equivalent of the “is the dress blue and black, or gold and white?” debate: was Alexis Ramirez’s full circle 5050 backside or frontside?

It’s 2020 and the blog for Europe’s oldest skateshop continues to be one of skateboarding’s best media outlets. Slam City Skates has a series of interviews with the girls from Vans’ Credits video: Breana Geering, Una Farrar, Fabiana Delfino, and creator, Shari White. Anthony Pappalardo the Writer also has a piece on why videos like Credits are special in an age where skate media is reaching critical mass.

The dudes from the D.C.-based Gang International made an edit of their trip to Shanghai with Bobby Worrest. A lot of that footy would go on to make Bobby’s “Welcome to Venture” part, but the edit still rips + is a nice reminder not to blame China footage itself for when it’s uninteresting. Get the right skater on it, and that shit goes just the same as any well-worn Euro spot.

The dudes from Strush Wheels, a Japanese urethane outfit, unlock a new section of CBS and Charles Schwabb has got to be fucking pissed ;)

Palace rider Heitor da Silva is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Skate Jawn has a feature on skating Soviet monuments in the Balkans.

…aaannndddd Skate Jawn interviewed Billy McFeely.

Our friends at the Buffalo, NY-based Moms Skateshop made a socially distant edit on the occasion of their one-year anniversary.

Raw footy of Dom Henry at Riverbank, Lenox et al. on filming sessions for the Super Visual video from 2016.

Quote of the Week: “My flatspot was so bad that when I was skating House of Vans it sounded like Brooklyn Banks.” — Kevin Tierney

Thank you Lil Uzi for so many of 2020’s smiles ♥ people need them.

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