Ain’t No Sunshine

Scan stolen from Chromeball, obvs.

“In a sense, Jeff Grosso’s contributions to the world aren’t singular but part of an entire point of view — one that could reflect how ridiculous life is while also hugging what he viewed as important tightly in secret. That’s an art. The ability to make things like skateboarding that feel so disposable yet life-changing — tricks that last seconds, yet feel immortal.” — A Loveletter to Jeff Grosso.

Josh Stewart was the first person I knew who got corona (“did you get tested?!”), and it sounds awful. He recounted his experience and recovery in an extended essay. Be safe and wash your hands, everyone ♥

Grey has an interview with Italian skate photographer, Federico Casella, about living in Milan during a government-ordered lockdown on account of COVID-19 + Skateboard Story interviewed the owners of Andrew, Seasons and Humidity about the impact of corona closures on skate shops and small businesses.

Ok, enough with the bleak shit. Only glorious content for the rest of the post…

Wait, no, that was lie. This one is COVID-related but kinda funny: Skateparks in Long Beach, California are being covered in …..mulch to keep people from skating. (Not much different than the standard ambiance of some New York skateparks, tbh.) What planet are these journalists living on where they’re making “cowabunga” puns re: skateboarding in 2020? A dude from The Bronx and an Argentinian have been the past two S.O.T.Ys, buddy.

Genesis Evans and Conor Prunty take you on a musical journey through their friends in the first, absolutely wonderful and all-smiles release from Humble Records. Shout out to them for doing something ~different~ ♥ Everyone is actually a fire voice actor, and holy fuck did this make me look forward to the summer in whatever shape or form it may arrive:

Johnny Wilson compiled some choice Cyrus clips from the past few years to some Blair. (This is the extended edition, not the Instagram one, btw.)

Was wondering when someone would try to clip up on that bank at the bottom of the Trader Joe’s on Grand Street. “Cake Topper” is a 13-minute video filmed around the city by Kenny Ramos, spotted via Skate Jawn.

Jenkem has a premiere of Tristan Mershon’s “All Brakes” mini video, which was filmed at pretty much every single New York spot over the past couple months.

It’s comforting to know that these sort of “our first crew video”-videos will always and forever exist as their own sweet genre of skate video, no matter how crazy things may progress and change. Swag by Dummy Mob has that energy, though no idea if it’s actually their first video.

Watching Ville skate a skatepark has the right pinch of something *extra*. It makes you stop and observe the flow, in a way that few skatepark clips really have the ability of doing. Maybe it’s the tre flips ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe it’s Maybelline.

Future and Thug due for a “Mystery of Blackboxin’” sequel sometime after this quarantine shit wraps up.

Brad Rosado (anyone been around long enough to remember TheForgottenCity?) has a video coming out with a new generation of dudes ripping D.C. The teaser for Bureau’s Debrief video can be found here.

Mike Carroll and Rick Howard shared part for skateboard fantasy sports. Just click the link bro ;)

Quote of the Week: “2020 is the first year ever where having a crew is wack.” — Francesco Pini

E.J. put this together with Genny and Willie, right as shit was just starting to get hectic around the city with the COVID situation. Came out rad.

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  1. Glad to read that Josh is feeling better. I feel that is neccesary information to get out there because too many young skaters are quick to think “I’m young, I don’t need to worry about getting really sick” but that whole oreal sounds fucking awful. Take care everyone. Thanks QS for sharing, have def sent that one around to people in our community

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