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“I went from being a kid skating on my block to hanging out with all the best skaters in New York City because I learned how to do a frontside 360 boneless.” A friend once had a story about how their book club took a razor to The Powerbroker and sliced it up into three books to make it more reasonable of a read. This isn’t that dramatic, but a blog interview that takes over two hours to read is a lot for most people in the era of byte-sized #content — but we’re *SO* happy that people are putting detailed, rich content on the internet that requires a commitment! Isn’t that what it’s for?! The Slam City Skates blog’s interview with Eli Gesner about skateboarding + graffiti in New York in the 80s, night clubs in the early 90s, the beginnings of Shut + Zoo York, etc. is like a little history book :)

This skatepark was founded in 1906 by the Black Panther party.”

_TYPESHIT*” is a sick 7-minute montage filmed around Manhattan.

Jerry Mraz interviewed his fellow Rust Belt Trap creators, Jake Baldini and Matt Anderson, about the creation of their very special skateboard video / sociological document ♥

Apparently it rained the whole time, but they still got a five-minute clip out of it: Jake Kuzyk, Antisocial Skate Shop and a bunch of the Alltimers dudes went to Seoul this past September and “Anti-Seoul-cial” by Jake Kuzyk is the result. Features Crazy T footage.

The Canal dudes made a #vlog about their recent trip to Puerto Rico. That first twenty seconds in an Airbnb is crucial to staking out a claim to rooms. Getting stuck in one with three bunk beds…fuck.

…and Canal has a quick one of a winter session on the Flushing extension with Marcello and Caleb.

Giovanni Vianna A.K.A. the redhead kid on Primitive skates a couple New York spots in the same three-block span for new short-but-sweet part.

Nowness magazine has a short film about Public Housing Skate Team out of The Bronx.

Rolling Stone made a video profile of the person we’d vote for if there was a president of skateboarding :)

We complain about there being “nowhere to skate” like every other idiot, but we should all be grateful that we are no longer living in an era where the Chinatown Manny Pad is the most sought-after filming location in New York skateboarding.

Village Psychic spoke to our favorite backside noseblunter (and surfer!) about… his favorite backside noseblunts.

Parade had a chat with Patrick O’Dell about the diminishing landscape of skateboard media.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Can they just put Vince Carter on whatever team is going to win the title this year? He’s out there playing defense on people who aren’t old enough to drink. Heard that he’s the last remaining NBA player born in the 1970s yesterday. So insane.

Quote of the Week: “Front shove is the east coast kickflip.” — Dana Ericson

Idk what has been more long-awaited at the QS office: Eternal Atake or a new episode of Endless Shrimp? Somehow, we got both last week. And Baby Pluto said that the song with Keef everybody was crying about not being on the album will be on the deluxe edition. Small victories on this crazy planet mean the most.


  1. Wish I had Endless Shrimp # 8 while Forrest and I were leaning our backs against each other so we didn’t have to sleep with our heads in the mud

  2. Tell Jake Kuzyk to stop trying to film like strobeck. Close-ups on the feet are heinous as fuck…. totally ruined all that great crazy t footage.

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