In Continued Puerto Rican Excursions…

punta las maria

Photo via John1Wilson on Tumblr

If you need further evidence of Puerto Rico having become the northeast’s preferred winter getaway, here it is. New York’s most productive skate crew just got back from there with a four-minute clip, and you can probably assume they set aside a handful of clips for whatever the sequel to Beef Patty is going to be. “Empanada” is via Johnny Wilson and co., and the third “New York dudes in Puerto Rico” clip from the past month-and-a-half. (Previously: Iron Claw in P.R., Quartersnacks in P.R.)

Puerto Rico trips are not particularly new, they’re just very #now. For older evidence, here’s the P.R. section from the 2003 Zoo York tour video, City of Killers. Zered does a snowboard trick but on a skateboard in it, and there’s a Robert Lopez-Mont intro part from his brief stint on Zoo. Even though dude may be firmly planted in skate industry exile a la C-Fro, there wasn’t an hour that passed during our trip where one of the locals didn’t say “Oh, Robert did so-and-so insane trick here.” Just look at the hubba at the end of this clip

Follow Johnny on Vimeo. Why hasn’t the YG album leaked yet? Who has a car?

72 Hours in San Juan


“There are three lanes for driving in Puerto Rico: Slow, stoned and drunk.”

Going to San Juan for skateboard-related reasons isn’t exactly new. Mainland skateboard companies have been going there for years. However, it does seem that Puerto Rico trips have been occurring with greater frequency for northeasterners recently. Miami, the go-to northeastern getaway for someone uninterested in a L.A. trip, has been getting more blown out and tougher to skate. Unless you’re packing ten dudes in a van and driving 1,200 miles, travel to P.R. is not much different: an extra 45 minutes on a plane and roughly the same ticket price. As a result, you get to be on an island with warmer water, newer spots, fewer distractions, and best of all, you’re not in Florida.

Alexander Mosley & friends. Guest tricks from Billy Rohan, Ferni & Alberto. Alternate YouTube link.

San Juan is not very foreign. Everyone speaks English, your phone is going to work without any add-ons, there are Wal-Marts everywhere, and they use American currency. “Miami but tighter” became a common description throughout the trip. (That’s only pertinent to the skateboard-concerning side of things. Miami is far better for a variety of other extracurricular endeavors.)

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