Weekend Viewing — Gang International’s ‘MOEFONGO’ Video

The first skateboarders who crystalized the concept of a “skate trip” must have known they stumbled onto gold. The hack of all hacks. Imagine a crew of friends bound together by playing basketball telling their girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses and bosses that they’re hopping on a plane to play basketball on this different court they reallllly wanna play on. How’s that gonna go?

But a crew of skateboarders?!

“Baby, it’s a SKATE TRIP!

Imagine that same hypothetical crew of ballin’ ass friends coming back with highlights from their games filmed on a camera released in 1995 and edited to Gloria Estefan as justification for their time off?

But skaters? It seems that society has given us infinite leeway in that regard, provided that we come back with proof in the form on an edit.

And that’s exactly what the D.C-based Gang International crew did for their Puerto Rico trip, which feels like a recap of a vacation that you wish you were on, even if you don’t know a soul on it. Something to soothe the doldrums of this dreary ass spring where it feels like we have to atone for every nice day we get with four days of mid-March weather.

Features Yoon Sun Shin, Javi Gutierrez and Kevin Augustine.

Filmed and edited by Jeremy Knott.

The other day, we were talking about the proliferation of N.A. beers in 2024, even among people who indulge in the hard stuff, and someone was like, “Why don’t they make a low ABV beer that’s between an N.A. and an actual beer?” And then we remembered it exists, and it’s called… Medalla. (Don’t let that 4.2% on the can fool you. Divide that in half.)

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