It’s A D.C. & Baltimore Thing — Gang International’s ‘With All Due’ Video

Gang International — the D.C-based outfit responsible for 2019’s “Facades” and a lot of your favorite Bobby Worrest footage over the years — has a new one out today. Light on the Bobby clips this round, but heavy on pretty much everything else. The video weaves from Pulaski, through Baltimore’s notoriously unforgiving crust, and back to Pulaski for ender parts from Mikey Payne and Kevin Augustine (that switch flip back tail made me rethink what I already knew about his stance for a few seconds…)

We asked the Gang International office if they’d care to offer comment on their latest triumph: “Turn my mans pro!!! I think all my friends deserve the world, but Kevin been doing this for too long too consistently. Pulaski soldiers 13th and E all the way to Baltimore, we been doin this and we’re not stopping any time soon! No sleep until I get everybody on the PJ to Paris!”

Amen 💪

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  1. This whole crew has been holding it down and keeping the vibes high at the LAST REAL STREET PLAZA, and etching their names in the history books while they’re at it. Big love goin out to Kev, Mikey, Beamon, Dio, Pooch, Art, ALL THE SOLDIERS, top to bottom. Keep an eye on our boy, Roy, he’s next up!

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