Stuff These Snacks In These Amiris

Photo by Ryan Giese

The most important news first: the city approved a new trash can design and it is substantially taller than the current ones. Thoughts? Concerns? Commissioned ideas for Tyshawn?

Skate shops are special places that should be protected and supported, but Humidity down in New Orleans is something else for giving out completes to kids for getting straight As.

“Also that same year, you had your ‘Bobby Worrest for Quartersnacks‘ part.” “I did? Okay. Cool.” Transworld caught up with Bobby to talk about the fact that he’s had ten (!) video parts since Right Foot Forward came out.

The Frog team made a twenty-minute video from their trip to Montreal on the occasion of Dustin Henry’s guest board.

Hotel Blue has a new team edit up, with footage from all around the city + a trip to New England, and it includes a mini Juan Virues part at the end.

Rat Ratz 3” is a new part from Vince Palmer, an upcoming dunion who rips Milano Centrale. Thoroughly got hyped to skate watching the quick double tricks down the two block.

“For years and years the people who owned the building have been fighting against skateboarders using the spot and every time they did something, the skateboarders pretty much found a way to overcome it.” Love these sort of deep dives in the histories of skate spots — especially spots that seem somewhat unremarkable to the untrained eye. The Slam City Skates blog has the full history of skateboarding in Milton Keynes, a new-ish town 50 miles outside of London, that is recognizable from millions of skate videos thanks to its bus station spot.

And while we’re on the topic of the U.K., wanted to give a hat tip to Skateboard Cafe for making three of the most enjoyable projects this year, that feel very much in their own lane and uninterested in the greater #trends of skate video creation. “Sonata” is their new one, and it is obviously no exception.

Danny Supa is the latest guest on the Mission Statement podcast.

The Skate Muzik radio show did a recap of some #musicsupervision highlights from the past year of skate videos, when everyone stopped using house and decided to start trying to use Nirvana.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: What’s the NBA without the fashion?

Quote of the Week
Shrimp C: “You’re like the Amelia Earhart of missing flights.”
Ben Blundell: “Who’s that?”
Shrimp C: “Nevermind.”

Last Shazam use during a skate video: the closing song of Gang Corp’s “Jamrock Jerk.” You?