R.I.P. Fall ’19 — We Barley Knew You

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Quartersnacks for Spitfire Wheels arrives in stores today. We will not be carrying this in our webstore, but have a lot of fab regs QS stuff in there if you’re trying to support. Any shop with a Deluxe account near you should be a safe bet though ♥ (And for anyone asking, yes there are both hard wheels and cruiser: hard wheel is Formula Four 53mm 99du, and soft wheel is 54mm 80du.)

“We did crime to fund it basically.” File this one under: Had no idea how much I would love this interview when I first started skimming it. You’re probably familiar with @muckmouth the Instagram page, you might be familiar with Muckmouth the website, but you probably aren’t familiar with Muckmouth the Auckland-based skate magazine. Free has an incredible interview with Muckmouth founder, Alex Dyer, about his journey through three generations of skateboard media that is full of stories to make you laugh and sit at the edge of your seat. “Where the fuck is Callum?”

Skating to one of the ten best songs ever recorded by humans is bold, but whatever, the world is gonna end soon anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Justin Grzechowiak’s part in the Buffalo, New York-based Remedy video is a good time.

Jenkem has what is essentially an abridged version of Raphael Zarka’s wildly slept on Riding Modern Art book, which chronicles all the skate photos on public art sculptures. Palomino still has copies of the book, if you feel inclined to add to your library.

A slice of the Cons team visited Jake Johnson’s hometown in central Pennsylvania.

Austyn Gillette has a rad interview over on Solo about approaching 30 and how to keep on keeping on :)

Zered Bassett’s favorite skater is the guy who skated to “Under My Thumb” in Vicious Cycle ♥ He’s also a redhead, and you know what that means.

Stalin Plaza is officially deemed safe for the public. Book those summer flights, because like the queen said, ain’t none of this shit promised. (Ain’t none of us perfect, but Stalin Plaza actually is.)

Tombo uploaded another episode of his “Raw Deals” series, this time from the summer of 2010.

The anxiety levels in this teaser for the Russian Planeta Patsanov video are something else.

“Time was, you’d painstakingly tear out a page like this one in the Milton Martinez Thrasher and tape it onto the wall. That still happens, but the time for wall-staring slowly is passing into shadow. Soon enough, our walls will stare at themselves.” Boil the Ocean re: tearing the pages out from whatever magazines remain and putting them on your wall + how everyone should be paying more attention to current-day Jack Curtin.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week:Even better with ‘Father Stretch My Hands.'”

Quote of the Week:

There’s no spring or fall anymore — only summer and winter. Get used to it.


  1. knowing qs, i was expecting one of the “10 best songs ever made” in justin gerzzhdhdkzxziki’s part to be rhianna or some shit but yeah, you’re cleared for take off on that one

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