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Our office of M.I.T. statisticians is busy tallying up the entries each day — so be sure to vote in our Readers Survey about the best parts and videos of the 2010s. Voting ends next Wednesday.

Sometimes the full-length videos on Thrasher get overlooked when you’re not willing to commit to a 40-minute viewing with your morning coffee (…and then you forget about them because ten new things have come out by the next time you look), but you should REALLY watch Deep Fried’s Undercooked video if you have yet to do so. It’s mainly in S.F, but has a solid bit of New York footage, in which they somehow managed to skate those black marble ledges in Times Square A LOT. You’ll recognize tons of faces from GX videos, but Deep Fried is obvs a bit of a different vibe than those projects. And that first dude (Dustin Partridge) has one of the best feel-good parts of 2019.

i-D magazine put together a 20-minute, Epicly Later’d-esque mini doc about Tyshawn’s ascent to S.O.T.Y.

Speaking of S.O.T.Y. — everyone just thought it was smooth sailing with a “Verso” flag into a surefire Suciu win, and then Milton Martinez kickflipped into the downtown L.A. West Hollywood carwash bank… Boil the Ocean runs down all the contenders and where they stand.

So Damn Slick” is a solid new New York / New Jersey montage with Leo Gutman sightings and music by Billy McFeely.

Caleb’s Trust Fall raw files have tons of cameos from Max Palmer, Cyrus, Andrew et al. and feels like an amped up Vimeo-era video blog :)

The Nut (essentially skateboarding’s Onion) has a thing about how the city used the astroturf intended for Tompkins on Blubba and it’s pretty funny. Fwiw, this has actually been done to skate-proof Penn Plaza before, though that’s a private building.

Kalis is back in Chicago, and skating to Freddie Foxx again with Philly Santosuosso.

Pocket skate mag spent a day with Beatrice Domond while she was in Copenhagen this past summer.

Jenkem ran down the history of Pyramid Ledges — the best-looking, but most deceptively hard spot downtown. Also remembered that this happened there for an Insta story. Lol.

Bobby Puleo interviews Matt Hensley about…fashion!

Manolo put together an era-spanning, five-minute-long Tiago Lemos remix.

…aanndd here is a remix of Dustin Eggeling’s last Hopps part by Busted.Mic Creations.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Porzingis’ first [inconsequential preseason] points for the Dallas Mavericks.

Quote of the Week: “I hate hitting my head on shit.” — Antonio Durao

Thanks everyone who came out to Best Trick For a Louie Belt on Saturday! Get well soon Kyota ♥

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