Groeth Is Coming

Pyramid Ledges extension challenge summer 2k19.

Sign + share the petition to keep synthetic turf off the Tompkins flat.

The Stingwater video is on the way. Pretty excited because Daniel has a way of capturing Antonio’s magic unlike anyone else.

Obvs no shade to anyone else out there pointing lenses at Antonio intended! “Vue” by Stephen Spilker is a rad L.A. montage that also has a good bit of clips from 2018’s GRoER of the Year. Shout out to everyone out there creating plain, old fashioned montages. Should probably start working on a QS one right about now…

Gang Corp put out a sick five-minute summer edit. (The one line into the parking garage got me thinking about if anyone would ever do an all-parking garage montage, kinda how there was the all-subway one from Spirit Quest. So many insane spots in those.)

Village Psychic threw together a remix of Philly Santosuosso footage from various trips he’s taken to Minneapolis over the years (plus some Pulaski bonus cuts) to a Stankonia classic ♥ (There’s an incredible + very slept on remix to that song, btw.) And loosely related: Always thought this was some of the best QS remix work.

Dustin Eggeling filmed a pro part for Hopps, and it includes cameos from the entire team. Yes, that means Keith Denley.

Between Dustin’s ender, and Dane Barker’s tailslide, the building must be hyped people are embracing a perpendicular way to skate the out ledge at Zuccotti since they re-knobbed it ;)

Marek Zaprazny only goes to New York for the heavy clips. There’s a bunch of wild shit in his new pro part from Primitive. “Ok, fine, I’ll have 17 shots.”

“Since I’ve got into farming, I’ve met a lot of older famers who have no fucking clue but I’ll tell them to Google my name and they get hyped.” The Slam City Skates blog has been crushing it on the interviews lately. Their latest is with famous farmer, Brandon Westgate.

I.C.Y.M.I. two weeks ago — The city began tearing up the ground around the Brower Park courts, and the recycled plastic benches have now been taken out [temporarily.] A rendering revealed that the renovation will take a full year.

“If I just Carl Sagan out, and look at the tiny pale blue dot, I’m like, ‘Okay, how much does this stuff actually matter in the grand scheme of things?’ I think skateboarding is a kinetic version of that. As soon as you’re not present while you’re skateboarding, that’s when you get hurt, that’s when you fall. It forces you to be present.” A month late on this, and it doesn’t have much to do with skateboarding directly (…or does it? hehe), but here’s a nice conversation with Minding the Gap director, Bing Liu, about ghosting, emotional vulnerability, etc.

Quote of the Week: “I used to listen to Nav, until I learned. Sorry I brought it up.” — Ben Blundell


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