94 And What

“But as long as your board is selling, no one has any problem with short video parts.” — Rest in Peace, Gabriel Rodriguez. Some of the most iconic arm steez in the history of skateboarding (not sure if anyone threw them ‘bows quite as stylishly as Gabriel did on a rollaway.)

Sign + share the petition to keep synthetic turf off the Tompkins flat.

Antosh‘s “Elbow Room” edit for a new board brand called Deed is really, really fucking good. Never would have thought a nose manual on pretty much the entire length of the main bank at Verizon would’ve been do-able, and that ender at Big Screen is nuts. Features solid appearances from all the Canadian sweethearts you know and love.

Don’t think there has ever been a skate interview that just got right into it quite the way Fred Gall’s Chromeball one did. Really wish the best for Fred, and skateboarding is lucky to have such an honest, open person in its ranks of legends. The Governor of New Jersey.

Someone chopped up eight minutes of Vincent Touzery B-sides, loosies and cameos from the past year or two.

The Slam City Skates blog has an interview with Tyshawn.

Yaje spoke with Berlin’s Solo mag about keeping his third eye open, nuggs, and learning to love handrails.

LurkNYC is back behind a VX for the 13th installment of the “Mean Streets” series. Someone lied to Alexander, though.

Dom Henry is the latest guest on The Bunt, and Skateboard Cafe’s Ensemble video is still one of 2019’s best. Was gonna call it underrated, but the view-count started to stack up :)

The fact that L.L.S.B. got the city to bring Southbank back to its previous state gives us hope that one day — probably right before they’re underwater — the city will fix the small Banks to be skateable again. Wtf else is there to do with it once bridge construction finishes? (If ever…)

Enjoyed this quick NYT piece on how little of surfing involves actual surfing. Reminded me of all those days when you watch your friend try to skate a bump to bar for half an afternoon, and get kicked out of every other spot in six seconds, but it was still betterment than most other things you could’ve spent the day doing ♥

Quote of the Week: “I’m actually down for a weird schedule…party midday, skate at night.” — Antonio Durao


  1. Spent summer 95 in Berkeley. Before going back to Europe I thought lets get some gear to bring back for later since stuff was cheaper in the US. I remember walking past the X-Large shop (that was on Telegraph if I remember correctly..) and walked in. Would not have usually bought a board from anywhere but a real skateshop (and as well because a place like X-Large would be a bit more pricier) but this pastel green board with this slightly distraught screaming figure totally caught my eyes. It looked amazing. I had to have it. As well it was a Choco Gab Rodriguez board so I felt like it was a good buy. I didn’t ride it for quite a while cause the board looked really cool so I tried saving it. Finally reached the point where I could not hold onto it anymore (was probably broke) and started skating it. The board was great to ride and I learnt proper FS NS on it. I was so excited and gave props to the board for allowing me to do that (silly skate nerdism I guess..). I rode that board to death until it broke. It’s 2019 and it is still in my garage. You can only see Gab’s name and the distraught face. I am feeling very very sad :/

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