One Link At A Time

Congrats again Bob LaSalle on the pro model basketball. Photo via Antosh.

“Day in the Life” videos warrant a cursory skimming through at best, but this one with Jawn Gardner skating around Long Beach and making friends with everyone kicking him out of spots could have gone on for twice as long :)

You’ve probably caught this one already — but Go Skate Day in Bogota, Colombia was insane. Hope everyone is ok.

Philly from Humidity, Tyler Tufty, and Keith (!) Denley (!!) all have cool clips in this Nike SB wear test montage from Minneapolis a few weeks back.

People are still flying down that hill from the Long Island Expressway by Queens Mall, huh? Iconic 2008 spot. OMW is a twenty-minute video by Angel Delgado that Skate Jawn posted up last week. Features a bunch of familiar faces.

Josh Paynter put together another rad iPhone montage of [mostly] street skating around the city. Funny how that broken bench behind those new apartment buildings at the end of Greenpoint just permanently turned into a bank ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Skateboarding is about a faltering of hierarchy; it’s all about the truism, ‘the best skateboarder is the one having the most fun.'” Damn, the Tokyo 2020 judges are gonna be all fucked up about how to interpret that one, via a cool article about the growing understanding of what skateable space is in London.

“Skateboard media is one of the few places where the integrity of the photograph is paramount, it seems.” Really dug this interview that North did with English skate photographer, Wig Worland — a guy who has no doubt shot a handful of your favorite British photos.

Damn, a lot of London talk in the links today. Dan Magee has a longform interview about Cover Version, his first full-length video since the Blueprint days.

The Bunt is back with a new season. Sluggo is the first guest.

“Is time sanding off Bobby Puleo’s harsher edges, are the rest of us getting harder in a mean age, or has the text-based medium of earlier Internet communications obscured something in his tone all these years?” Boil the Ocean watched and processed the three-hour Nine Club interview with Bobby Puleo so you don’t have to.

Do skateboarders have cultural rights to El Toro?” Cultural rights? Private property? AMERICA? *Chief Keef nah meme*

Missed this one last week… Ian Browning (author of our favorite #written #content #series by a #competing #media #outlet, Village Psychic’s “Rules of Skateboarding” series) hung out at a NJ Skateshop to understand the mechanics and culture of a shop, circa 2019, and wrote a story about it for Jenkem. Jonah Hill is slated to direct his second feature based on it, due out spring 2021.

You Are Doing Something Important When You Aren’t Doing Anything

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “You think you’re the first person to ever get drunk and lose your board and your phone in the same night?”
Antonio Durao: “Damn…it’s A.B.D?”

Yeah, we’re posting DatPiff embeds in 2019. The pair of songs that were discussed two weeks ago are still the standouts obvs.