2 G’s On Salads

“‘You had all these planners and architects in the 1950s and 60s saying cities need these grand, celebratory spaces — and they really didn’t.’ But apparently skaters did.” Curbed has an awesome feature about how some odious, post-WWII federal legislation ultimately lead to the creation of the sorts of public plazas that would prove to be the breeding ground of modern skateboarding.

“That might be a trick that’s been done, but it’s done differently…and with different pants on.” Vice has a video profile of Breezy and Una about growing up being two of the few girls skating in Vancouver.

The new Bluecouch edit starts in CT and ends in the city. Some rad stuff in there.

The Finnish guys who made the Hard Water video that went live on the Free site last week actually also put together a trip to New York edit that we only now caught onto. Love a vacation edit when the trees are bare + everyone is still in hoodies, though I’m sure it’s warmer than Helsinki. Also impressed by their cobblestone deterrent that keeps your board from rattling down into Sutton Place traffic.

Maybe it goes through a vigorous off-screen sanitizing process — but one’s bed seems like a bad place to sort through street debris. Anyway, here is an eight-minute glimpse into the life of Bobby Puleo.

Rest in Peace ♥

ExtraCrispy has the footage from the Huf demo at 12th & A last weekend.

With Ross Norman now pro, Boil the Ocean offers up a new name into the “why isn’t this guy pro?” hat.

Mike Powley keeps good speed in his trip to Barcelona part.

It’s like the bible says, “He that is without sin [of having misattributed a photo of an air on transition to Stevie Williams], let him cast the first stone.”

A couple New York clips in Dela’s new part for O.J. Wheels.

Tom Knox, Mike Arnold, et al. tend to get all of the re-post love whenever a new Atlantic Drift drops, but Sylvain Tognelli has also been consistently doing some of the most insane shit in any of those edits — his name is just harder to spell. Someone made a remix video in tribute to him.

A couple more parts from Ciao: Ryo Motohasi, who apparently has the video’s ender + QS office favorite, Kuae Cossa and Leonardo Bodelazzi. Switch front blunt pop out on the Morningside church ledge is insane.

The Krak guys compiled a video of all the tricks done into the Courthouse Drop, though will go down saying this is some of our best work. Totally fine with not seeing footage of this place for a while :)

German Nieves is the latest guest on the “Mission Statement” podcast.

Didn’t make it to Borough Hall this past weekend, but here is an update from a QS reader. Thanks Mike.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Who is the Kawhi Leonard of skateboarding? So far, the best answers have been Tiago and Westgate.

Quote of the Week: “Come to Canada. Free healthcare, no hurricanes.” — Charles Rivard

Two weeks late on discussing the two new Max songs. Obviously songs released when someone is in jail are graded on a curve (the same applies to posthumous releases), but these two are …incredible? Like, they sound like they’d fit seamlessly into a mid/late 2000s Max B mixtape, yet are refreshing and very 2019 at the same time. Even French sounds like he’s trying harder than he has in years. Despite extensive Googling, can’t figure out how they managed to come into existence, but that’s unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Can’t wait for Max’s disco album! ♥


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