Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit

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Original photo via Jordan Zuppa

After snow plows and salt trucks, a good seven hours of Law & Order is the third most crucial element in New York’s snow recovery. Instead of spending yesterday’s snow day with Benson and Stabler, our researchers opted to combine their iconic theme song with footage from the New York skate spot seen in every episode of Law & Order. It might also be the most commonly filmed-at marquee gap spot in New York skateboard history, at least until it got put out of commission via a maze of barricades at its landing some two summers back. (Hasn’t stopped some people from trying.)

In the New York skateboard system, the Courthouse Drop is represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the skateboarders, who do the tricks, and the filmers, who film them. These are their stories…

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  1. Best ever line from SVU. “SnakeHeads be pimping her out” Ice T, disussing the status of a young mother, while her six year old daughter is right there, wondering where mommy went.

    Ice also once reffered to the status of a pregnant woman with the phrase “devil-cake in the oven”.

    I still havent seen the episode where Big Boy gets eaten by his exotic pets.

  2. This is fantastic. Creative and well done. The premise doesn’t take away or distract from the skateboarding, but blends with it seamlessly. Skateboard video editors who think you’re Martin Scorcese, please take note.

  3. Wasn’t Frank Natiello the first to Ollie into the courthouse?..I thought I remember seeing him Ollie over the flat handrail behind it then into the court drop,at night wearing a jacket I think..haha maybe it was V.Ponte but I’m pretty sure it was frank…Where did I see that?..Anyway can we get a over the wall banks edit plz? Don’t forget Quims nollie var flip,my personal fave.please and thank you.

  4. In the criminal justice system, Court House-based tricks are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated skateboards who skateboard this vicious skatespot are members of an elite squad known as the Quartersnacks Special Victims Unit. These are their stories…

  5. Also, said this before, but this was never described as a comprehensive overview of every trick done down the courthouse. The longest version of the Law & Order theme is 3 min long…

  6. This really showed how gnarly that place is for someone who doesnt live in new york. and that last trick was dope as fuck

  7. Damn, you didn’t include Hunter Sanderson’s nollie flip crook filmed on Larry’s iPhone from across the street? Sheesh.

  8. huf did kyle isles trick in the 90s on the gnarlier side and its in the damn clip. he also kf back lip the ledge 20 years ago

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