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Congrats again Bob LaSalle on the pro model basketball. Photo via Antosh.

“Day in the Life” videos warrant a cursory skimming through at best, but this one with Jawn Gardner skating around Long Beach and making friends with everyone kicking him out of spots could have gone on for twice as long :)

You’ve probably caught this one already — but Go Skate Day in Bogota, Colombia was insane. Hope everyone is ok.

Philly from Humidity, Tyler Tufty, and Keith (!) Denley (!!) all have cool clips in this Nike SB wear test montage from Minneapolis a few weeks back.

People are still flying down that hill from the Long Island Expressway by Queens Mall, huh? Iconic 2008 spot. OMW is a twenty-minute video by Angel Delgado that Skate Jawn posted up last week. Features a bunch of familiar faces.

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Winter Indie Video Round Up: Sabotage 3, Oslo 5, Home Grown, Debris, Mama’s Boys & Cosmic Vomit 2


Well, physical skate videos are not dead. Apple may have made it tougher to author them, but since when has antiquated technology stopped skaters? These are the people who pour thousands of dollars each year into repairing and maintaining a camera released in 1996. Skate videos are good for at least another 20 years.

If you need a change of pace from the two blockbuster videos that have dominated the winter, here are some of the more notable independent projects to come out in the past two months. With shops like Labor making an effort to carry more local videos, and the seemingly successful “put a few parts on YouTube but still try to sell the full video for $10”-business model, smaller videos seem to be doing alright these days.

Sabotage 3

After ten years, the presumed end of civilized skateboard society in Philadelphia has been reversed. The only difference between Love today and Love 10 years ago, is that there’s no three-stair ledge. Kids are now good enough to pretend that the planters in front of the ledges don’t exist; the higher ones are just another thing to prop a tile up to. A-list skaters are moving to Philly again (for “college”) and the Photosynthesis comparisons are apparent.

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Video Review: Flow Trash

(Better late than never)

The release of Welcome to M.I.A. this past winter was rude and sadistic. As the majority of the country was pummeled with snowstorms, the main anticipated video for that period happened to be from a region blessed with endless 85-degree days, and hordes of drunk girls on vacation from state colleges in New Jersey. Welcome to M.I.A. was hard to watch, as your attention would divert to various travel sites, looking for airfare to any place where the temperature is constantly above 70 degrees. Those unwilling to leave behind life’s responsibilities in exchange for perfect skate weather were able to pick up Flow Trash, a video filmed in Minnesota, some 1800 miles to the north of Miami. There, they skate rails into snow, have a far worse winter than the northeast, and could relate to sitting home watching skate videos with three sweaters on, instead of rejoicing in the glory of life near the equator, amidst multi-colored strobe lights and Tiesto concerts. Flow Trash comforted us this past winter — “Hey, we know it’s tough, we got it bad too” — it didn’t laugh at our unfortunate state of affairs, like M.I.A’s offering did.

On the video’s back cover, being on “flow” is described as “toiling away for little official recognition, not officially on though technically sponsored, bottom of the ladder, skating for sticker packs.” As Minneapolis does not have a massive bar-backing, party promotions, or art economy, the toil of a flow “career” must be intense, given the lack of supplementary work, which is far more available in places like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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