Sorry For The Delayed Response — The Three Up Three Down Section From ‘Ether’

In the winter, we do not go to Three Up Three Down. It is a frigid endeavor; the wind blowing off the Hudson pretty much makes you want to die. Suggesting that you go there on a tolerable day in January is doublespeak for “We’ll be drinking at The Ear by 4.”

In the spring, though — we goooooo to Three Up Three Down. The inaugural above-60 session is a QS office tradition. The spot holds a special place in our hearts because it facilitates for all: the average guy looking to brush up on a few stock flip tricks, your friend who put on a few pounds over the winter and might need some words of encouragement after he clips ollieing up a two-and-a-half stair, or, um, the Primitive team.

But anyone with half a brain knows that it is the amenities that make Three Up Three Down special. I mean, it’s in the fifth most expensive zip code in America. What better place to enjoy that extra hour of sunlight than here: overlooking the beautiful, iconic, sexual state of New Jersey while ogling the beautiful people jogging by with their beautifully groomed dogs as you sip a discreet beer smuggled from the other side of Westside Highway.

*deep breath*

Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, the season’s first sunset session at Three Up Three Down has been postponed indefinitely.

The Algorithm™ did, however, throw us a bone.

After finishing Cooper Winterson’s new one, Heady Mental, it lead to a revisitation of Stephen Ostrowski’s Ether video, which was uploaded to Cooper’s channel in late 2018. In it, was this lovely Three Up Three Down section.

You’d think there wouldn’t be much room for innovation here. You’re either doing tricks up, on and down it, or you’re doing a wheelie across. Except with a few hints of nearby debris — a knocked over table, a cleaner’s trash can that always finds itself deliberately in front of the steps, or some …sprinkler puddles — these dudes found some kinda ~different~ shit to do here, without, you know, waxing the whole thing and trying to lipslide it or something equally stupid.

Until us crowding the pathway fifteen-deep resumes being C.D.C-compliant, this vicarious reminder of simpler times will have to do ♥