Three Up Three Down

Spots: Tribeca & West Village

An all around favorite of the Quartersnacks office.

As you have probably figured out, this spot is a smooth three up three down, which can be used as a platform for tricks up/down the steps or for manuals. Further south on the pier is a weird, outwardly curved, frontside for regular round rail.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦: Park rules forbid skateboarding. The Parks Department cruises up and down the waterfront (on bike and car), and will usually tell you to leave as soon as they spot you. On occasion, they will ask for ID and issue you a summons.

Location: Canal Street and the Westside Highway / The Hudson River. Take the A, C, or E to Canal Street and skate all the way west until you hit the water.

Pictures (Click to Enlarge):