Zebra Week

The Quartersnacks Nike SB Dunk Low Pro will be available at skateshops in the U.S. + Europe on September 18. (Yes, the date got moved.) No, we will not be selling it on our webstore. We *will* have a few regular QS merch items that we did in conjunction with the shoe available soon. Photo by David Cabrera.

Stephen Ostrowski is pro for Glue! And has a new part! Always get so shook watching people skate that yellow wall rail thing at Long Island University because of how close your head is to the barbed wire. Fully yelled at the screen when Stephen ducked under it. Also includes a beast varial heel courtesy of Cooper and his shenanigans ♥ (P.S. The Ether section at Three Up Three Down is still office-favorite viewing.)

Village Psychic re-ignited its “Next Up” series, which features one-spot parts from up-and-coming skaters. The latest is with Mathias Rotstein at the Minneapolis government center. Yes, it has already been added to the QS One-Spot Part Map. We’re at 70 parts :)

Noah Johnson spoke to the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast boys about his GQ profile of the minds behind Palace Skateboards.

Overcast is a sick twenty-minute Philly scene video by Joe Filamor for Moka International.

Naquan Rollings curates the latest Jenkem Mix.

The new season of The Bunt is underway. Inevitable S.O.T.Y. contender, Jack O’Grady, is the first guest. (Got a Five Faves with Jack on the way, too.)

“What’s your favorite movie?” “The Notebook.” The Crail Couch is back with Carl Aikens and Erik Herrera.

Some skaters skating those Sunday curbs out in Ridgewood on one of them old timey cameras by Mick Robbins — …wait, did that dude just try to tre flip the MLK High School steps?

Coming Attractions: 1) Neema Joorabchi — of “How to Overcome Pain” montage fame — shared a teaser for an upcoming video that is yet-to-be-named. 2) New Dime video on the way with Kyota sightings included.

Quote of the Week: “75% of my spots squirt water in the summer.” — Lurker Lou re: his spotbook

Working on a thing with Marcello right now, and felt the compulsion to share his Potluck part from early last year as a standalone. Short ‘n very sweet. The melon 5050 next to Labor is nuts.


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