Frame via Mehring. Sorry that Rob’s a bit blurry. Hate hate HATE that Instagram replaced Tumblr for things that Tumblr was way better at doing, e.g. not compressing skate photos into goddamn 700px size, but then again, I’m sure someone was going on about the same thing when all the mags were going under, so…

Pssst…shops are getting spring/summer QS stuff in now. Online next Monday, May 13. More info soon ♥

The first Blobys edit in over a year! This one got a good deal of burn these past few days. Roman Gonzalez is the all-time leading scorer of making visual poetry out of tricks nobody else is getting away with :)

I guess people are just, like, nosepicking the side of the building at Blue Park now?

Lurker Lou premiered his new part — filmed entirely in purple Adidas Campus shoes he kept finding in Cape Cod Marshall’s locations — on a box truck decked out with L.E.D. screens this past weekend. Village Psychic made a video profile with Lou about his footwear-based artwork over on their site.

Brian Delaney has a new Berlin part for Grand Collection, just two weeks after he dropped his “Twice Around” part. The guy below wants it normalized. That might be a bit drastic for the underpaid millennial workforce.

The crew from Travel Skateshop filmed a quick clip at the Hole Bowl, which is a new D.I.Y. creation on a city-sanctioned piece of land in Newark, via the guys who made Shorty’s.

Thrasher did a video segment on KCDC, which really contextualizes how fucking crazy Williamsburg got over the past two decades.

Vic 2.0 is a new full-length video out of Toronto, with a couple dudes whose parts have a bunch of New York clips. If you were wondering why the ledge above the actual ledge at the church on Morningside was waxed, get ready to find out! ;)

Boil the Ocean re: Fucking Awesome, Fuct, Bitch Skateboards, and the U.S. government’s general indifference to protecting intellectual property of people who use naughty words in their company names.

Gonna be honest and say that two-hour-plus podcast interview isn’t the most easily digestible form of skateboard media over here at QS HQ International, but it’s Huf, so maybe you’re down to peruse his Nine Club interview. (Fwiw, his Epicly Later’d is 1/5 the runtime hehe.)

Unclear if anyone had a chance to even hit it, but they put a rail in front of the remodeled Pace Ledge. Get excited if you’re Jamie Foy and/or have similar spot sensibilities. Thanks to Shagi on Twitter for the intel.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Safe to say that Portland is everyone’s playoff sweetheart — though we all know how this ends, even if Steph Curry did get abducted by aliens this post season, and replaced in spirit by some guy who plays pick-up games in the back of Tompkins. Rodney Hood for the win.

Quote of the Week: “The bats in Australia are like little kids in Batman costumes.” — Ty Lyons

Somehow found out this exists yesterday during an unreleased Prince wormhole on YouTube. Imagine having this song lying around in your throwaways. The lo-def vibe kinda adds to its charm ♥


  1. Honestly so ok with that. I’m three years late in realizing that after he passed, his people let up the reigns a lot on sharing his music online. There’s like an unreleased compilation for every year on YouTube.

  2. @snack — are we entering a new phase in QS music supervison perhaps? That would be extraloveable indeed.

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