Shirtless Disrespect Season

Happy Earth Day :) Show her some respect.

In literal shock that the Bos brothers — who have been making those great upstate New York videos — aren’t even American. They live in Canada! And drive into New York state all the time to film for their projects! Incredible. Anyway, TWS has an interview that we wish we did with Adam Bos about the process behind his video series, which has yielded some of the most rewatchable and unique projects going today. They also have the raw footy from Bos’ last one, “Wide Open.”

…aanndd Jenkem has volume 2 of the raw files from Gang Corp’s Black Business video.

Congrats to Vince on the pro board

Bottom Shelf is a new full-length from Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco that’s about 60% New York / 40% L.A. footage, and definitely worth a Monday morning coffee watch. Probably the first footage of that barrier that’s been on Delancey for the past ~year? Hard to convey in footage, but that thing is basically sloped uphill…

Cooper Winterson made a lil’ Borough Hall x Grand Street Courts x Williamsburg Monument bro cam video entitled “Shidiot.”

Gino pushing! …via a two-minute video profile thing for his brand, Poets.

“Certainly the success of Kaarikoirat suggests that, rather than expensive, large-scale developments in the city centre like casinos and skyscrapers, it is micro-initiatives that offer smaller cities the best chance of catalysing a vibrant urban fabric and preventing brain drain.” The Guardian has an optimistic story about a D.I.Y. park in Finland’s third-largest city, which helped jolt some energy into the region’s youth culture.

Boil the Ocean re: provocative skate graphics circa 2k19, and the Quasi gun board.

We’re not exactly weed olympians here at the QS office, but as far as iconic weed moments in skateboarding go, one towers above all the rest: Billy Rohan going to a legalize rally at Tompkins with a megaphone to tell everyone that marijuana makes your breath smell like a bong. Chewy Cannon buying a bag in the same sequence that he 5050ed a hubba counts for something, too.

Click click clack hey dude watch me.”

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: These playoffs have kinda been…okay? Or have the past few years been that way because we all basically know how it’s going to end. Kyrie with a magic trick, just because.

Quote of the Week:

— Charles Rivard


  1. I love skate videos where all the skaters are white and all the broll is homeless or working class black people. So sick \m/

  2. the us-vs-them paradigm of street skating often and unfortunately pits the entitled skateboarder against the mistreated and downtrodden, often only for the material gain. See Ricky Oyola’s comments after Philly’s mayor started throwing skaters out of Love Park: “We should be able to do whatever we want here. We made this place. We made this place alive. Honestly we made this place worth anything. It was just fuckin’ drug dealers, dudes chillin’ up there, fightin’ each other all the time, every day, you know what I mean. Like that’s all it was. We came here and we gave it life. We gave it to where people could walk by and not feel scared because you got these little scrawny kids on skateboards here next to these fuckin’ big time drug dealers: if these little kids aren’t scared, why should I be scared? I’m a thirty-year old man coming from work.” I pulled that from Ocean Howell’s “The Creative Class and the Gentrifying City,” (2005, Journal of Architectural Education), in which Howell notes early on that the “dudes chillin’ up there” were actually the homeless populations who no longer had any public services after Reagan-era cuts in Philadelphia. Oyola argues that the presence of skaters gave the space back to the “thirty-year old man coming from work,” a figure who definitely would not give a fuck about the desires of skaters. I don’t mean to demonize the efforts of street skaters; you and me and all of us hold some understanding of its value, and with it, we can reclaim some of that space given to developers and consumers, but it’s really important to not dole out our revenge fantasies on those who can’t fight back, nevertheless represent that in our media

  3. idk much about homie’s personal life but for some reason that missed connection made me think of aj from tf

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