Tres Trill: Palace in Normandy

In 1995, Kareem Campbell checked his pager while skating across a Los Angeles street. Throughout the golden age of Love Park, Stevie and Kalis often shouted each other out and engaged in conversations with their filmer mid-line. More recently, Phil Rodriguez kicked a soccer ball prior to doing an ollie on a turtle shell. These moments have gained infamy in the annals of skateboard video tapes and YouTube pages. And we’re still very much concerned with them today.

So one is left to wonder: Where will Chewy Cannon’s sequence of copping a sack, backside 5050ing down a kinked hubba ledge, and doing a nollie half cab flip on flat rank among the mid-line nuances most-noted by skate nerds?

Unable to track down Keith Nut and commission a 2011 update of his “Most Disturbing Rap Lyric of All Time” title-holder, as was used in their last clip, Palace was left to settle on New York’s modern purveyor of all things “trill,” and his song that may or may not be about their company. Additional music supervision is provided by Lil’ Wayne in his days of being more concerned with rapping well than learning how to skateboard.

The video was filmed over the course of four days in Normandy, a region that has not received much burn throughout French-set skateboard endeavors, at least when compared to Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, etc. The place looks covered with cool-looking spots and architecture though. The DVD of this is out there, you just might need to be in Europe to acquire it. Here’s the official web version.

Monday links will return on Tuesday. It’s going to be in the sixties for two more days, so you should probably go out and skate if you don’t have real life obligations.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If anyone has details on the whereabouts of Keith Nut, please contact Quartersnacks, so we could book him for parties and begin work on a comeback mixtape.


  1. “nollie half cab”? c’mon fam. This is like when you tried to reason that Dylan.’s yo flips look good.

  2. Nollie half cab is actually a suitable east coast nomenclature for that particular move.

  3. That shit was ight, shit was ight, it was cool… But My shit is more Johnblaze than that.

  4. by the way: if he said it’s canon, and it actually makes sense, but has anyone else ever said “switch half cab” besides gino, or after ’92? that was a hot topic “irl” when he tossed that out there in that epicly later’d.

  5. I don’t know what a switch half cab is. Most of the people I know say “nollie half cab” / “nollie backside 180” or “nollie half cab flip” / “nollie backside flip.”

  6. gino implied that a switch half cab is a nollie f/s 180 — get it? like “switch fakie” equals nollie. it’s kinda weird dude, but it makes sense on some old god shit I guess. You can say whatever you want, but the correct term is nollie frontside 180, but usually it’s just nollie 180 for short. If you’re doing a backside one you say backside, so if you don’t specify that, frontside is implied. Nollie half cab is straight up wrong and doesn’t even make sense, but really though, it’s cool because everyone at least knows what you’re talking about.

  7. shut the fuck up already, yall looking no better than the average youtube kid discussing dumb shit
    that dude slained that shit, bodied that shit on mach 10 levels

  8. “child molest”


    “try to molest”

    Mr. Nut, we need you, dawg.

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