Rough Idea: Alltimers New York B-Sides

Happy belated back-to-back birthdays to Etienne “Who Is That Child That’s Always On Your Instagram” Gagne and Dana “Forbidden 14” Ericson — who, coincidentally — have the highest volume of B-sides filmed in New York from the Alltimers No Idea video. Figured this would be as good of a time as any to post another installment of these. Features a few Philly clips but same difference yaknow.

Filmed by Daniel Wheatley, Emilio Cuilan and Corey McNeill. Best viewed while desperately hoping that there are zero acoustic guitars on Slime Language.

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  1. lol as if saying Philly is the same thing as New York isn’t the biggest (false) compliment that place can get

  2. pepole getting more upset than 50 over that philly statement, get out ya feelings philly heads

  3. C’mon now – NYC spend the most time in their feelings out of anyone. You know this is fact.

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