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In case you haven’t heard, Zered now rides for Expedition One. Transworld has a quick interview with him over on their site. They also uploaded R.B. Umali’s section from The Cinematographer Project last week, which has footage of Z, Kevin Tierney, Black Dave and Eli Reed.

Chris Nieratko recently did a video interview with Stevie Williams about the DGK video, “ends of eras,” etc. The DGK video is supposed to have a “director” and be “an actual movie.” Yeah, because movie skate videos always turn out well…(Still looking forward to it, but what ever happened making *just* a skate video?)

Iron Claw Skates re-did their site and added a web store.

There’s a new nighttime, downtown Manhattan-based “Off the Grid” segment with Enjoi am, Ryan Lay. He lipslides the Columbus Park nine rail at night, and that spot has absolutely no light. Do you think he tried to get into Le Baron right after?

Kalis and 1997 and art: Part 1, part 2. Safe to say that the person who made these spends a lot of time on Tumblr.

The Skate Sauce crew posted the new Tom Penny part from their video. Let this be a reminder that: 1) Penny was never in the conversation for “Phattest Outfits” contention, like many commenters had assumed. There’s way more to being “phat” than wearing oversized clothing. 2) Cal Tjader, despite being an American who made Latin music, goes great with Barcelona-set footage.

The bi-national Open Skateboards (based out of New York and Japan) has a new promo out. Are unnecessarily late kickturns before tricks going to be a part of #trendwatch2013?

Laguna Beach, California is awful.

Someone on the Slap boards posted scans of a new Skateboard Mag interview with everyone born pre-1990’s favorite skater, Mike Carroll. He says that the interview is his entire Pretty Sweet part, which would be unfortunate because it’s only four tricks.

Our homies in Bayonne bought out The Bridge Skatepark (formerly “Below the Bridge Skatepark”) from the original owners. New hours, now 100% skater-owned management, etc. Check their Facebook page for more info. They’re having a Halloween event on October 27th.

Quote of the Week: “Come on, bro. Represent.” — A L*ngb**rder pushing up the Williamsburg Bridge to a skateboarder walking up the Williamsburg Bridge

A week-and-a-half before the start of the NBA season, Knicks starters are already out with injuries. Too early to say “called it?” At least Trap God is decent…


  1. Whoever created those Josh Kalis “art” videos should have their computer taken away from them.

  2. I respectfully disagree. I think that Kalis footage is in fact best viewed in a luxurious setting such as this… i.e. a ‘Scarface’-worthy room, complete with in-ground pool and lavish marble floor, columns and arches. Golden Egyptian aritfacts and gilded 9mm pistols dovetail nicely into this aesthetic as well. Kudos to the filmmaker.

  3. Stevie interview was good…he was basically calling it like it is. The era is over, for the most part (sadly). However, all of us old dudes will still keep skating, regardless! Btw…what’s up with that ESPN web graphic of skateboarding, depicting a dude doing a move at an indoor facility? This rampant park footage needs to stop!

    My fantasy is to create an alternate version of Hellaclips that filters out all park footage. As a good friend once said: “if it happened at a skatepark, it didn’t count”.

  4. That kickturn trend from the Open clip will only be done by high schoolers, I’m sure of that. And skaters from Scottsdale, AZ. because they suck. I used to live out there and they wear diamond earrings and say swag. Luckily this footage probably won’t make its way out to AZ, so we won’t have to worry about the desert swag thugz doing late kickturns in #2013.

    Also, scooterers and the frootbooters have all adopted this #swag vibe. There was a frootboot demo at LES a few weeks back. I was like one of 5 skaters there and the rest were #swaggin fags who weren’t even bootin, they were just pussycrowding the wallride roll-in area.

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