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“Everything hard to get or expensive isn’t necessarily any more fulfilling. If caviar was $1 a pound, I don’t think anybody would want it.” Jenkem interviewed Antonio Durao about the move to Hardbody, sponsorship history, and his beautiful perspective on this thing we call life ❤ ️

Ted Barrow runs through the history of the Courthouse-Blubba-Columbus Park triangle that sits at the site of the once worst-slum in America — and now makes up probably 25% of New York skate coverage — for the latest episode of Thrasher‘s “This Old Ledge.”

Our friends at Place Mag and Daniel Paese tried to answer one of humanity’s most confounding questions via video essay. No, not are we alone in the universe, but the eternal: “why don’t you skate at the skatepark?”

Good complimentary viewing: Theories’ “PIECES” series followed around Josh Feist as he gives a tour of some of Philly’s most crustaceous spots that he has nursed to good health.

Haven’t thought about Afu-Ra since even before Fat Beats closed, but apparently, he has remained in the hearts and minds of the SK8MAFIA office. TJ Rogers’ “Welcome to SK8MAFIA” part contains tons of incredible New York footage, and what’s gotta be the best trick ever done at the [big] Seagram Building ledge.

4PLY Mag ran the numbers on every Thrasher cover from 1981 until March 2024 and distilled them into a series of charts and graphs. Monster Children also ran an interview with Pete of 4PLY about his process a week back. It’s not just QS Top 10, Thrasher covers have more ollies than any other trick, too! (“Kids will always ask me in my DM, ‘What’s your favorite trick?’ The answer is ollie.”)

Henry Sanchez talks about his two Thrasher covers with Lookback Library.

“So what got you banned from Thrasher?” Tony Farmer has a new interview with Skate Jawn, which he is not banned from.

No guns at Tompkins, please 🚫

“Is it only a matter of time before he winds up doing a shared part with Fred Gall that could involve fingerflip variations in that one Albany pool out in the woods?” Boil the Ocean recounts the rich history of Daewon’s collaborative parts, from Rodney Mullen to Chris Haslam to now, Mike Arnold.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A few minutes of loosies from S.F. marathon line extraordinaire, Chris Athans.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Jalen Brunson’s fake-out at the end of Kings-Knicks was out of an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “It was the wildest night in Shanghai. Everyone’s wallet got stolen in their rickshaws. Torey got kidnapped.” — Pryce

Ran this one back after the discussion of Columbus Park clips in “This Old Ledge.” Voting this one as the best ☝ ️

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  1. “Why don’t you skate at the skatepark?”

    “Why don’t you go bird-watching at the zoo?”

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