Antonio Durao & Hjalte Halberg Sk8 For Hardbody

Boards available now 💪

Max Palmer got the Pocket “Followed” treatment as they …followed him from his home, to his studio, to Fort Green Park, and then to pizza ❤️ Might be the first or second time many people are hearing Max talk.

Richie Blackshaw has a new part for Metal Skateboards via Vague — full of New Jersey crust and a Fred Gall-ian eye for spots. That 5-0 pivot down the edge on those banks across from Lincoln Center was so wild. Video by Brandon Stepanow.

An extended dive into the last days of Muni + a Pyramid Ledge banger (into the construction!) in Kiernan McGinnis’ “Budget Junglizm” part that feels adjacent to the Sabotage universe.

Quinn Batley dropped a quick mini part for Melodi.

Tor Ström has a new edit from his trip out to New York + Montreal, featuring E.T., Stafhon and all the Limosine boys. Nosegrind down the Police Plaza at the end was wild.

VIIISIIIT hung out with Alexis Lacroix to get a glimpse into how he stays skateboarding in the winter Montreal months. He says “oh yeah” less now.

New York Mag spoke to Leo Baker, Efron Danzig and more in a piece chronicling the growing trans skateboard community. (There were people mad about the Elissa Thrasher cover?!?!)

Naquan Rollings has a quick new edit called “Tonight.”

Christian Kerr has a new homie edit of his crew at Brower Park and surrounding areas.

Kentucky’s John Clemmons hits a couple of New York spots in his “L.L.H.G.” part that went live on Free last week.

Constantly Thankful got in the crowd for some reportage from the New York premiere of Carhartt WIP’s Precious video.

Josh Stewart is the latest guest on the Beyond Boards podcast + Patrick O’Dell is the latest guest on Say You Swear.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Rudy Gobert doing Luka shit that takes a couple rewinds. There’s another angle out there somewhere that shows it better, but can’t find it…

Quote of the Week 🗣
Guy Hitting on European Girl At The Bar: “Do you ever, like, order French onion soup?”
European Girl At The Bar: “No.”
Guy Hitting on European Girl At The Bar: “Aw yeah, I guess that’s just an American thing.”

Usually enter this wormhole in the summer months, but it’s a beautiful place to be 365 366 days a year.

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