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“What even is Hardbody? They don’t post on Instagram!” Yeah, well, they have a fire new website with a bunch of things to do on it besides buy shit, while your other favorite company’s entire existence is dependent on an IG page. Take your destiny out of Mark Zuckerberg’s hands. Make a website. The past is future. The future is today! Designed by Peter Sidlauskas.

“I’m still in New York doing the same shit I was like, six, seven years ago and that’s what I want to keep doing. I want to keep lurking around here and finding shit and seeing how it keeps changing.” Monster Children has an interview with Naquan Rollings.

Jenkem and Greg Navarro took the Asics team around during an autumn New York day. Includes appearances from Joey Marrone, Kyota Umeki, Evan Wasser and Zander Mitchell.

Coda uploaded a standalone edition of Tony Farmer’s EP part.

Pocket went to Rotterdam and …”Followed” around Jan Maarten Sneep — better known to everyone as the mind behind all the “Memory Screen” remixes. Rotterdam looks fun.

“With the multi-part footage assault having become a central strategy for Skater of the Year aspirants in recent years, Miles Silvas’ Bay residency suggests a new pathway to tempt future hopefuls, with the potential for remaking SF into a global destination similar to the Embarcadero pilgrimages of yore.” Boil the Ocean analyzes Miles Silvas’ one-part in the Bay Area S.O.T.Y. strategy as an alternative to the multi-part barrage favored by winners of recent years.

Like Sunday” is a Denver-based video with a bunch of 303 Boards affiliates, which also includes a good bit of New York clips.

Hotel Blue uploaded a new Juan Virues part after a year-plus hiatus.

Bam, Mike Maldonado and Kerry Getz up in Boston in 1996 via the latest installment of Joe Hiddleson’s raw tapes.

Spot Updates 📍— Zipper Ledge B.K.A. the best spot ever and also one of the most perpetually under-scaffolding spots, is — yes, you fucking guessed it, baby! — back under scaffolding.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Four minutes of Caleb Barnett loosies + four minutes of Jamie Platt loosies + six minutes of Nick Boserio loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Anthony Edwards doing the sort of shit that coaches hate and fans love.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Nothing gets a marketer off like their own logo.” – Bob LaSalle

Free reposted this one the other day. Insane that it’s twelve years old.


  1. Idk if you saw what just happened at sports illustrated but prob not the best publication to make puns about. at least for those of us who wanna see qs stick around…

  2. That was kinda the joke. We don’t plan to pivot towards AI articles anytime soon. SI also hasn’t been “good” in a long time, but is def a big part of your childhood if you’re of a certain age, which I’m assuming you are ;)

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