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Angel and the Papi Brand dudes dropped the new installment of their Bronx-centric video series, and it’s the most extensive one yet: Bill$ 4 Inflation went live last week. Features great parts from Angel Fonseca (who’s still getting better and better) and Justin Adams + other homies, and a lot of dives into Bronx spots that only the locals skate.

Nothing is touching Limo edits right now. It’s not even that much skating, but the eight minutes fly by in Limosine’s North Carolina trip video featuring the entire team.

Ryan Mettz made an extended edition remix of Max Palmer’s “Spiked Off” part from March with more guest clips, B-sides and unseen clips.

Feels like fuckin’ yesterday: The Shady One dove into some old footage and made a “Summer With Friends 2016” montage that provides a vivid snapshot of downtown Manhattan skateboarding just seven short years ago. Features pretty much anyone you would’ve seen in a Johnny Wilson video circa 2016.

“Favorite camera?” “VX1000.” “Least favorite camera?” “HPX170.” Skate Jawn has a new interview with Paul Young, whose Down By Law video is due out in 2024.

Chandler Burton, Yann Horowitz and the rest of the Bottom Feeder crew star in Live Laugh Love, the collective’s new 22-minute video.

The latest episode of Dead Air Radio chats with our homies CB and Trevor from Albany’s longstanding Seasons Skateshop.

Death, taxes and friends eventually moving to L.A. are just a few of life’s unavoidables. Sean Coates is doing the move out west, and to commemorate the occasion, him and Max Hull made a “Goodbye NY” part. Way cooler than a longwinded Substack essay like most people do.

36 seconds of new Mark Humienik footage isn’t enough Mark Huminik footage, but it’s better than no new Mark Humienik footage.

Josh Stewart uploaded Static II onto YouTube in a full, director-approved export.

“The city’s often overlooked waterways rarely excite the imagination of what’s under the surface, but Zaniesienko is reminding us that among the pollution, there is life.” Due to the high concentration of skate spots over there, the city’s skaters spend an inordinate amount of time around Newtown Creek. It turns out, we aren’t the only ones.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Speaking from many years of experience, if you start watching the first half of a Knicks game out at a bar or restaurant on a Friday night, and then forego halftime and the third quarter to catch the fourth at home, even when they’re up — no, especially when they’re up — they’ll be down by 12 by the time you get home. Last Friday [shockingly] wasn’t one of those nights.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Baker: “Did I ever tell you about the time we got busted in Birmingham?”
Guy Who Wasn’t in Birmingham: “No, I don’t think so.”
Baker: “So, we were skating the morgue…”

Enjoyed the new WKND x NB# commercial. Noseslide crook, noseslide crook, noseslide crook…

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