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“I can’t believe you’re not more hyped on your pro M&M. I’m starting to think I should’ve given it to someone else.” Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” series is back! The new episode is with Nelly Morville spending it all in Times Square. Yes, a lanyard and one sticker costs $19 there.

The Bunt is also back! Their latest is a hall of fame episode with Josh Kalis.

The Hunnydip NYC crew just dropped an all-New York crew video entitled NIÑO. Guest tricks from the inline homies is seriously fire 🔥

INBETWEEN DAYS is a Syracuse, New York-based video by Lukas Reed. Includes an opening part from Drew Grabowski, lots of great hometown vibes, and some #spotresearch for anybody tired of staring at Blue Park.

Arin Lester’s pro part for Sci Fi Fantasy went live on Friday.

Two Words One Apple” is a chill Summer Trip to New York edit featuring Matthias Bednorz and Martynas Katauskas by Levent Efe. Impressed how dedicated they were at getting clips on the reconstructed 9th Street Triangle. Was that a 540 shuv?

Sammy Baca is the latest subject of Lookback Library’s “Cover Discussions” series. Wild to think of an era when someone would find out they were on a Thrasher cover by the mag just lying around at a friend’s house.

Our friend Tom Botwid from Poetic Collective has a new part out full of slappy wizardry.

“Regarding the latter, being able to have professional skateboarders do something other than skateboarding and for it to be an engaging, compelling watch is a feat. One that could speak to the evolution of skateboarding culture and how bored that culture has become with the seriousness of itself.” Three months late, but Simple Magic has a piece on The Bunt Jam 🏀

Someday, the skateboard rumor ecosystem will have to come to terms with the fact that someone holding another brand’s product doesn’t always mean exactly what you think it means, but until then, this is in the hilarious fake news hall of fame. It even made it to a second outlet! Would be sick though, tbh.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Mark Suciu edited his best IG story clips into a four-minute part (that Courthouse slam at the end!) + 8 minutes of Guy Mariano loosies + a round-up of all the notable clips from Dime x Vans’ “Live in Paris” event.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Nike Employee Loading Up Songs on a Digital Jukebox: “Any requests?”
Pad: “Some Benny Benassi? On the Nike card?”

Got reminded of the fact that “Five Favorite Parts” turned 10 a week ago. The first-ever one was with Jahmal, which brought us to this “Lost Tapes” remix we did with him back in the same era, sourced from his Adidas commercial filmed in a late-90s Boston, some elusive SoCal footy, and his stint in Miami.

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