Footage Is Footage

You can’t jam the pole and then be mad people are skating the polejam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Spitfire Wheels: Bringing People Together. Mark Gonzalez skates around downtown Manhattan with Max Palmer, Gus Gordon (!), Nick Matthews, Karim Callender + more. (Why does it always seem like everybody else’s downtown session if better than yours?) Really hope somebody got a photo of Karim’s crook at Rector Street. Almost made the screengrab the headline photo.

Price to Pay is a new Texas-based video by Andy Nguyen with a ton of New York footage in it. The whole crew makes a pilgrimage to the Canal Fountain, and there’s a Trung guest trick in there ;)

Bronze’s Solo Jazz turned ten last week. To celebrate, Peter dropped an extended unreleased clip from roughly the same era, when coach jackets and slim(ish) chinos ruled the land.

Everything from Jim Greco’s signature Krew “Y2K” Krew denim, to $125 Deathwish tees, to Axions disintegrating in a box signed by Kareem Campbell in Artless Industria’s eBay watch this week.

A decent bit of New York clips in Griffin Gass and Jasper Dohrs’ shared part for Pocket.

Jenkem did a “Day in the Life” video with wallride genius Akwasí Owusu + Village Psychic did a “Day in the Life” video with Brendan from The Secret Tape.

“The world of skateboarding exists in a 20-year cycle. Today, everybody looks like they did in 1998.” Solo has a sick interview with our friend Danijel Stankovic A.K.A. Jugga, who has been around the Euro scene through all its cycles, dating back to the days when Tampa contests wouldn’t allow you entry if you were a “European pro.” Things change!

More cycle talk! “Was it Napoleon Bonaparte who said, ‘to understand the man, you have to know what was happening in the world when he was twenty?’ The truism has survived in some form, regardless of attribution. I was twenty in 1996, and I saw the end of a once major cycle in skateboarding, and quickly saw the next take shape, leaving an indelible mark on my life.” Free posted up Ted Barrow’s “Iannucci Made Me Hardcore” piece on their website.

There’s a new Nas special and a new Jay-Z special of the NTS Skate Muzik podcast. Nikolai’s JIT song switch is still one of the best #musicsupervision moments of 2023.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A twelve minute YouTube reel of randoms from the Quasi team.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Pad: “I need an invoice and W9 from you, and you’ll be paid net 30.”
Franco: “I don’t do net 30, babe.”

It’s late summer at the QS office, so you know what that means!

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