Ball N’ Parlay

Photo via @whatisnewyork.

“h” is a new, eighteen-minute homie video by Blaine Williams that’s mainly filmed in New York, with a sick part from Aidan Spencer to close it out. The fact the Polish Park planter-side ledges have endured for so long despite having three-feet of landing space is reason enough to never give up on your dreams ❤️

Casper Brooker has a great interview over on the Angel & Z podcast.

“So it was a little bit of everything: disappointment in myself, a little bit of wanting to try something new, and a lot of not thinking about it.” Spanky speaks about reinventing the way he skates and approaches video parts in the latest installment of Village Psychic + Ian Browning’s “Rules of Skateboarding” series. Spanky was also a recent guest on the How Long Gone podcast.

Violet just dropped an extended Miami trip video introducing Kader, and featuring the entire roster.

Naquan Rollings dropped a quick check-in edit. The amount of air on that backside grab down the Banks steps makes no sense. Dude’s like three feet above the rail.

Hefty Krew has an edit from Banks reopening day.

“I’m still in it man, I’m still gunning for Skate Of The Year.” Andrew James Peters interviewed Donny Barley as he approaches the age of 50 alongside some great new photos for Monster Children.

Really enjoyed reading about the early days of Epicly Later’d with Patrick O’Dell over on Jenkem, especially in the shadow of the Vice bankruptcy. Crazy to learn it was modeled after Weird Weekends, which is influential in so many ways across media of the past twenty years.

“Weedkiller” is a fun northern U.K. scene video by Will Smith, which shockingly has a nicer assortment of ground than the typical U.K. stuff we link on here. Even saw some nice ledges! 😀

Summer hasn’t even [officially] started, and Boil the Ocean has begun its “Summertime Mixtape” series of under-heralded parts for peak skate season hype.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Five-minute Insta clip mix from the newly pro Vitoria Mendonça + eight and a half minutes of loosies from the Frog team

Quote of the Week 🗣
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Have you ever been to Athens, Greece before?”
E.J: “Yeah, it’s like the East Village in ’96.”

Rest in Peace Big Pokey 💔

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