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Jaime Reyes at the Banks 9, via Thrasher‘s Banks retrospective from 2020 • 📷 Photo by Reda. Photo looks 2001ish?

The Blue Couch crew is back with a four-minute refresher edit featuring a solid batch of clips from Noe Horiwaki, Mecca Mshaka-Morris, Caleb Yuan, Zac Negron and Carlos Canter. Ender at the 125th Street banks is 🔥

Probably the heaviest Duplex edit to date: “Low Rent — Episode 2” is now live on Thrasher, with a hall of fame nollie backside flip from Jace that they don’t even save for the ender 😲

After a five-month hiatus and Lindsey Robertson’s Bagels long out of business, Bronze 56k has returned with a new radio mix.

“In terms of design, for me, that’s a good ethos anyway: keep pulling stuff away until you feel like you find the right spot.” Farran Golding interviewed Alexis Sablone for GQ.

Patrick O’Dell is the latest guest on the Angel & Z podcast, talking about mythmaking in skateboarding, the media landscape changing over the years ‘n shit. Shout out Quartersnacks Top 20.

Supreme Euro TM, Greg Cuadrado A.K.A. Blobby Greg is the latest guest on the Say You Swear podcast.

Lee Smith is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Dead on Arrival Radio recaps and nerds out over the Deckaid show that went down in Albany two weekends ago.

Jenkem has a new interview with Josh Kalis about his granite skatepark.

“It is a rare and savoursome piece of good news after a stretch that felt like a lot of losses have piled up, and a signal victory for the idea that skating’s cultivation of these places can amount to some type of real world equity building, at least in some cases.” Boil the Ocean considers win and loss columns throughout the rich history of skateable spaces, under the ominous clouds forming over Philly’s Muni plaza, and the more auspicious future of the Brooklyn Banks.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Eight minutes of loose clips from the Hockey and F.A. teams + three minutes from Nyle Lovett + 11 minutes of GX loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The only people mad about the “don’t poke the bear” jokes …are people mad that their team poked the bear.

Quote of the Week 🗣 — “If you really skate, you don’t have to skate.” — Sean Kinney

Any revisitation of Baker 4 coincides with the mindfuck of it being older than the pandemic ⏳

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