Any Given Monday

You gonna buy the $990 Celine skateboard?

Quit Sinnin” is a 15-minute New York video by Stephan Signh, with a bit of S.F. towards the end. Lots of spot inspo for warmer days :)

“It also is a return to form for Mike Carroll’s voiceovering, the years seeming to have slightly weathered his sound but his noun and verb and adjective selection still in top form.” Boil the Ocean weighs in on the Neils Bennett part. Favorite New York trick in that was the switch 5050 into the long steps on Riverside Drive.

Bill$ 3.5 Rebates” is a lil’ in-between B-roll edit from the Papi Brand boys out of The Bronx, released as a teaser in anticipation of “Bill$ 4,” due out this spring.

The Andrew crew down in Miami put out there first edit since the “Rascal” video from the holidays.

The Genesis 3 promo is out.

The latest Picture Show edit that went live on Thrasher last week features mini parts from Jasper Stieve, Moose Abrams, John Baragwanath and Taylor Nawrocki.

Farran chopped up Greg Hunt’s Five Favorite Parts commentary on top of Anthony Van Engelen’s Dancing on Thin Ice part.

Bill dropped an edit from an L.A. trip with the Violet boys.

The best “day in the life”-type feature out right now has a new one from a QS-favorite: “Followed” with Jacopo Carozzi by Pocket mag. Yes, the whole crew eats pasta and drinks wine before shredding, duh 🇮🇹 (They gotta water those plants, though.)

Missed this TWS article about Guy Mariano, Rodney Mullen, Henry Sanchez and the origin of the switch 360 flip.

RIVERSIDE FILES is a full-length video filmed exclusively at the Riverside D.I.Y. spot in Schenectady, New York. These dudes got a 35-minute video out of some boxes in an abandoned court while some group chat was arguing about how there’s nothing to skate in the city. Not naming any names! 😉

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Three minutes of Nick Rainey clips + five-ish minutes from Rat Ratz headliners, Nils and Vince.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Can you fucking believe Julius Randle hit that? Thibs hated every second of it.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Are any special guests coming on the sesh?”
Josh Velez: “Like who, the fucking tooth fairy?”


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