Don’t Write No More Letters To Mr. Sinatra

“As far as Jimmy Quartersnacks was concerned with Tommy being made Meatball making it back to Japan, it was like we were all being made making it back to Japan.” Happy Birthday Meatball (and Rihanna) 💞 QS for Classic Grip available at Japanese shops now ❤️

Fly’n across America 🇺🇸 Ryan Mettz dropped a quick new homie edit with Cyrus, Max, Karim & Franco.

Acai, film rolls and sushi: Skate Jawn‘s latest “$100 Chill” feature is with Naquan Rollings and perfectly encapsulates a low-stakes winter skate day in New York.

Also for Skate Jawn: Zach Moeller got on his Bourdain shit and wrote a guide on how to hit Europe for two with absolutely zero plan.

“Hey Troy, so how much shit do you usually get for having such pretty eyes?” Heckride interviewed Troy Gipson.

“I once was rude to a guy when I worked at a skate shop and I felt bad about it for years. Then I interacted with that same person years later and he was an even bigger dickweed than I remembered. Moral of the story: trust your gut.” Todd Francis interviewed Mike Gigliotti for Village Psychic.

Though it is Euro-centric in its telling, Solo‘s #longread about the precarious situation skate shops face as we burrow out of the pandemic is incredibly insightful. Support your shop, buy in person if you can, and don’t ask for a fuckin’ discount.

Half New York / Half New England in James McCarthy’s “Perpetual” part for Oyster Skateboards. The manual to fence ollie was wild.

Slam City Skates β€” the longest standing skateshop on the European continent β€” tells the origin of their logo, originally concocted in 1987.

The Jaako Ojanen raw files from E.S.P. Volume 2 are absolutely nuts.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 β€” Three minutes of Diego Todd + Two minutes of Mike Arnold + someone compiled an Insta “best of” reel from Vans Skate Space 198.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 β€” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go…” Shaedon Sharpe over Kyle Kuzma! People being like “why isn’t he in the dunk contest” β€” when was the last time you even watched the dunk contest?

Quote of the Week 🗣

Finally got around to watching The Pricemaster in full. A case study in repeating the same joke over and over until it gets funny. Anyone who’s ever been on a skate trip knows a thing or two about that 😉