This Is The Fastest Sandstorm Has Ever Been Played

R.I.P. Giovanni 🐐

Drew x Everson” is a 14-minute video filmed exclusively at the Everson Museum of Art (the centerpiece of the scene in Syracuse, New York), and put together as a tribute to Drew Grabowski, who passed earlier this year. Drew’s family and friends created the nonprofit Skate 4 Drew to help build the Syracuse skate scene in Drew’s memory, which you can donate to here.

The Slam City Skates blog interviewed Casper Brooker about how the whole Baker thing went down.

Skyline is a full-length video out of Cincinnati by Seth Zwick, with tons of midwestern crust, and an epic shared part from Scott Zelner and Logan Hamm.

“It’s interesting, it’s almost like the ones that grew up with Love [Park] have phantom limb now. I grew up without it so it doesn’t feel gone.” Heckride interviewed Harry Bergenfield about Down Bad, She’s Cheating, and everything in-between.

…aaaaaanndd Kris Brown is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Love an old fashioned, three-minute scene montage 💞 Carson Reuther put out a three-minute Philly edit with a focus on the city’s non-Muni, more crustaceous corners.

ICYMI, Theories’ urethane imprint, Dial Tone Wheels, dropped a team edit on Thrasher early last week, which ends off with a full Mark Del Negro part.

In the event that you want something clearer than a bunch of Insta rips, Extra Crispy made a Hardies Can Jam recap video.

11 minutes of Mark Suciu loosies, a lot of which are in New York.

“Her goal was to create ‘a weird Venn diagram’ between the skateboarding and wheelchair use ‘because people never think of those two things together.'” Jeremy Klemin wrote about the unlikely intersection of disabled people and skateboarders for The New York Times.

“Is this all only a troubling indicator that supplies of more conventional spots are running dangerously low?” Boil the Ocean contends that grass is the new cellar door.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Billy Rohan: “Do you know what T.F. stands for?”
Ignorant Gentleman: “No. You tell me.”
Billy Rohan: “The future.”

This is equally as mind-blowing as it is “holy shit, how am I just hearing it.” 1:06 below. It was even on the fuckin’ Surf Party mix we made with Alltimers two summers back. Remember some people being like “I had to turn the mix off when it got to that part” (53:15 mark) in reference to the Lana song. Pfft. Nerds.