‘Let’s Film A Montage’

No way there is a single person who checks this website and hasn’t seen the Tyshawn part yet, correct? Photo above by Dan Zaslavsky 📷

“Trust me, I tried to shoot it without getting down there.” New York magazine’s real-estate publication, Curbed, interviewed Atiba for a feature about Tyshawn’s Thrasher cover kickflip. (Though, based on some more precise intel, the gap definitely seems to be more than nine feet as outlined in the above article.)

Cooper Winterson’s new video, The Sex Emo Promo is half filmed around the vicinity of Cadman Plaza, and includes appearances from Nelly Morville, Evan Wasser, and a bunch more.

Speaking of Wasser, him and Nick Michel’s Frog for Thunder Trucks part by Daniel Dent is beautiful.

Kaylanne Diaz uploaded an edit from a Deathwish team trip to New York during summer 2020 — the days when the Waterside steps on the westside were the most popular filming spot in the entire city. Jamie Foy’s back tail 270 on Zuccotti is still fire, and completely spaced on Taylor Kirby front lipping from the flat at the Sunset Park rail 😮 wow.

Eight minutes of footage loosies from “The Trail” MVP, Sean Evans.

Ryan Mettz made an edit from West Park (the park made famous by Aaron Loreth’s 917 parts / what one could imagine to be the even shittier, Ventura-equivalent of Zered Park in Greenpoint) featuring Aaron, Max Palmer, Diego Todd and others.

EROSION” is a fun 13-minute New Orleans scene edit with some familiar faces and a bit of footage from a New York trip.

World Tour Promo 1” feels like early-2000s New York skateboarding in the funnest way possible. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

Donny Barley is the latest guest on The Bunt.

New York has obviously shed a lot of its stigma from pre-2010 years as a black hole for productivity on a skateboard, but it’s interesting to consider the implications once there’s literally a Vegas-style casino in Manhattan in the picture… (Jk obvs, gambling is a pretty niche skater vice.)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Jokic is actually that teacher who always told you she had eyes in the back of her head when you were being a dumbass in 2nd grade.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “What’s up?! We’re the fucking locals!” — The Locals

Shout out to The Martorialist for the link on this glorious sunbeam of a song.


  1. All these years seein China Banks footage I feel like this is the first time I’ve seen someone do a trick into that rainbow bank? Didnt even kno it was there

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