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A billboard above Popeye’s Ledge. A dream come true 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

Kind of knew this day was only a matter of time given how bad the cracks are getting. Community Board 3 held a meeting that laid out a plan for repaving Tompkins next summer. Though it is not a hard date just yet, it looks like the court we all skate will be closed for up to three months while the asphalt cures. Doesn’t seem like they are pulling any silly shit like they did with the turf in 2019. (But they are ending softball permits!) Shout out to the lady who pulled up to the meeting like, “How have you gone talking this long without mentioning the skaters?”

The official Thrasher recap is sure to drop mid-week like it does every time, but people on YouTube already compiled an eight-minute 2022 Dime Glory Challenge best-of.

“I wanna see a modeling contest. Or, like, who has the best runway walk. Winner gets a year’s worth of pizza bagels.” Monster Children caught up with Glory Challenge veterans (Busenitz, Suciu, and Jamal Smith) for thoughts on events past, and ideas for challenges of the future.

SHIT HAPPENS” is the new video from Thumbs NYC, and Olu Stanley got the ender part :)

Bust Crew’s Bodyfiller is up on their YouTube and chopped up by part.

With the new Baker video as an additional bellwether, the Roosevelt Island bank seems to be a new must-try for visiting pros.

12 minutes of loosies from Philly’s Kris Brown.

Romain Batard’s “Giddy” has been one of the best European videos series for years running (seriously, run back the last one from the lockdown days if you haven’t in a while), and its back, but this time, in Mexico ❤️

Spanky talks skate videos, books and movies with the Slam City Skates blog. The Long Goodbye is fire, and he’s right, everybody should see Heat in a theater. Makes you realize it’s an opera.

Everybody that did not run out of the McDonalds the second that he put his bag on the floor is absolutely insane.

Quote of the Week 🗣
E.T: “I cut myself shaving, the razor I got was old as fuck.”
Colton: “Did you get it at a vintage store?”

Four million in cars with nowhere to go.

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