That Rail Is A Sack Factory

ICYMI: The D.O.A. dudes have a new edit and tribute video out for their friend Drew Grabowski ❤️

Nollies into flatscreen TVs, noseslides on boat boards, and a dumpster-adjacent spot that’ll inevitably send group texts scouring “where is this?!” in Neema Joorabchi’s “feast your eyes” edit featuring all the dudes from the Til It’s Gone video.

Joe Cups uploaded a reel of Alex Olson, Jason Dill and Anthony Pappalardo kicking around Manhattan back in 2004.

Jenkem uncovered a trove of unseen skate photos from New York in the 1980s.

One #skatetwitter veteran recently observed that “trendy skate videos all feature a pop-punk song from the American Pie soundtrack, beats from their homie’s Soundcloud, a Trent Reznor song nobody has heard of, and an off-brand Depeche Mode song.” Not sure if this Skate Muzik episode on James Cruickshank’s SENSIBLES — probably 2022’s best video so far — exactly fits that bill, but the overall assessment of the landscape doesn’t feel far off.

Mentioned this before signing off for the long weekend, but while we are on the topic of contenders for 2022’s best, O.G. 2000’s latest is right up there in the top tier.

Our friends at Place have a montage up that is exclusively filmed in Prague’s marble metro stations.

A few minutes of Nick Matthews loosies to remind you how wild the Zuccotti back smith is.

Boil the Ocean has embarked on its annual summertime mixtape series.

Harold Hunter weekend recaps: the three-minute version or the twenty-minute version.

“Skateboarding can be a learning tool through its blatant embrace of failure, yet this philosophy has permeated the media representation of the culture in ambiguous ways. It is celebrated with pride and a recognition that success and innovation are not a triumph over failure, but more truthfully the bounty of failure.” Only catching this bit of writing now: “Traces of Failure in Skateboarding Videos,” via Flow Journal.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I cried watching Godzilla v.s. King Kong on the plane.” — Keith Denley

Boil the Ocean is right, this Adidas Greece edit rules. What a time capsule! They were ahead of the greater #TRENDWATCH by over half-a-decade, but probably still a leg up on everyone else because they went looking for spots in Mykonos.


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