Seven Steps To Tompkins

Jenkem has an interview with Trung Nguyen, the architect behind last year’s most talked-about trick, and Big Parody.

“We are sad. People can say we are overreacting and that this spot will likely be liberated, but there is a gross feeling seeing the city prioritize something like this.” Village Psychic made a tribute to their local curb on the occasion of… the city knobbing a curb — appropriately titled, “Sadman Plaza.”

The QS office favorite Rios Crew out of Budapest just dropped a new video, entitled Uccsó. They’re as atmospheric and third-eye-open with the spots as ever, but it’s the filming that truly took on a new dimension in this one.

“It’s hard work to achieve any next step. The types of things that allow you to get the confidence to try to achieve some level of freedom—these are the small revolutions that have to happen before the big one.” Our dear friend Josh Matthews, who recently published HARD-SHELL, has an awesome interview on SSENSE about being outside and his archive. Great read.

On the occasion of a level-jumping closer part from Diego Todd in Hockey X, Simple Magic considers a list of the ten best skateboarders with glasses.

Boil the Ocean offers up some thoughts about the escapism provided by travel edits, with the “Nocturnup” series on Free serving as an inspo-point. It also provides a welcome reminder to watch the Trans-Siberian episode of Michael Mackrodt’s “Fishing Lines” series.

A few minutes of raw Westgate loosies that feel like they’re from the time he was working on that most recent part.

A lllooonnnggg, career-spanning interview with Paul Rodriguez.

The Grand Collection crew hit the Albany plaza with Ben Tenner, Connor Champion, Brian Reid + others.

The Slam City Skates blog spoke to Mark Gonzalez about his first skate crew and a small horse swimming on the beach for their “First & Last” series.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The Bunt posted the full recap video from their first-annual Bunt Jam contest that went down in Toronto a few weeks ago.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Antonio: “Yeah, it’s crazy how long people used to film for videos. Koston filmed for Fully Flared for four years or something. Nobody does that anymore.”
E.J: “Wait… you guys aren’t doing that for the next Hardbody video?”

Happy bday Ben ❤️


  1. Unrelated but feel like this is a good place to ask… is TF West ever free from pickleballers anymore during daylight hours? Seems like they’ve completely overrun the place at any given hour post-5 on weekdays or at any time on weekends…

  2. someone should install traffic bumps or spikey ledges to stop those damn pickleballers!

  3. I think only mornings are really a go. Between the after school programs and …pickelball (grateful not to know what that is, thought it was badminton), that place is pretty packed these days.

  4. saw a kickball go over the fence and hit somebody at tf west the other day. I cant wait for winter. there this one pickleball crew there midday weekdays, older ladies, they’re nice. Kickballers do that beleagured “oh we gotta move your curb guys” and street soccer ppl don’t care

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