‘Much Needed After a Long’ — The Latest Video From Alex Greenberg

We now inhabit a different world than the one that debuted Noah the Brand’s first video in October 2020. That premiere was projected onto a makeshift white sheet pinned to the Tompkins fence, at a time when nobody could hang out indoors en masse. Alex Greenberg’s follow-up to Jolie Rouge is unbranded (that random dude in the comments asking what happened to the Noah skate team will remain perplexed), but feels like a continuation of that initial project.

Much of the core of that original roster — Homies Network extended family, a Frog dude or two, Troy Gipson — remains in-tact, except this time just as friends rather than endorsers of soft goods. Much Needed After a Long‘s biggest surprises come from its cameos though: Ewing Awala and Carl Depaulo’s fakie bigflips, Jasper Dohrs unlocking a third level of the already skate-blocked monument at Washington Square Park, and Jake Church charging at the Stuy Town curb faster than anyone ever needs to charge at a curb.

It makes sense that by the time this one ends, the pole-on-the-ground-as-a-spot phenomenon reaches its natural galaxy brain conclusion.


  1. man as an actual sean pablo fan (apologist?) seeing dude phone it in at this stage in the game bums me out

  2. Pretty sure Sean has been injured my guy.

    Also this is a crew video. Don’t hit the panic button until he starts ghosting parts in sponsor projects.

  3. evan mock been better than sean lol

    he just not a bill muse so doesnt get the same fandom from you nerds

  4. Evan been steady killing for years not only transition but street as well.
    Don’t worry, peeps that been sleeping on him about to see what NSBs really doing out there in the world.
    If not, then they can derelicte’ his balls, Capital’.

  5. that pole-on-the-ground into the courthouse is wild. seriously bonkers, next time i see kyota at tompkins i’m gunna give him the big dap for that one.

  6. I’ve seen Evan when I’ve worked as an extra on Gossip Girl, he’s super nice. I saw the on set prop master mall grabbing his board and explained to him to hold it by the nose.

  7. salute the youngun’s. but the strobeck style filming is nauseating at this point.

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