Four Months ‘Til Banktober — Dime Comp. Volume 7, Another Alexis Lacroix Special Edition

Photo by Phil Lavoie

We were out in Montreal last week for the first time since COVID on account of E.T’s pro thing. Staying downtown, you see a ton of the spots made famous by Dime videos, but the ones tied to Alexis Lacroix’s expanding-brain approach to skateboarding maybe stand out the most, especially after not seeing them IRL for 2 1/2 years.

Everyone has a “feel good” song, movie, whatever — something that coincides with a smile no matter what else may be going on in life. Even in the expanse of endless skate content, watching Alexis (the 2019 Q.S.S.O.T.Y.) remains a singular experience of juggling laughs, dropped jaws, and wtf’s.

Though he has lightened up on the eponymous “Oh yeah!” (the origin of which he explained in this post, in addition to his Bunt interview), the three years since we last compiled a Dime Comp have come with more skancing, more skating in the snow, and the occasional cameo from Alexis’ baby daughter ❤️

If you’re already feeling great, this will make you feel amazing. If you’re feeling down, this should hopefully put you in a better frame of mind as we descend into the weekend that kicks of the summer for most. (That being the last Inside The NBA of the season, obviously.) All clips pulled from Alexis’ IG.

QS will return on Tuesday, May 31st. Enjoy the long weekend 🍻

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  1. are u ever gonna talk about how noah the brand dropped a video two years ago and never mentioned skateboarding or their skate team again?

    or do we chalk it up to a jonah hill mid 90s thing wherre he stopped pretended he ever skated as soon as the press interviews stopped?

  2. Everyone quit the noah thing and they are redoing their skate team currently. They also have done multiple collaborations with vans and posted a couple clips of people skateboarding on their Instagram within the past couple of months

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