#QSTOP10 — December 17, 2021: A Limosine Special Edition

Like the Bronze edition from a few weeks ago, the roster of Limosine’s debut project, Paymaster, is something that we feel the need to celebrate in full this week.

You already know that Lucas’ line from the new Hélas clip would’ve maybe otherwise been #1. Shout out to Nyle Lovett’s “BLU” part, Ben Tenner’s new one for Grand, and the Low Profile video out of D.C.

The Free boys counted down their ten favorite projects this year in the #QSTOP10 format, so check that out if you’ve already ran through the Limosine video enough times.

Original Clips:


10) Genesis Evans
9) Mitchel Wilson
8) Cruz Mendez
7) Santino Gagliarducci
6) Aaron Loreth
5) Nelly Morville
4) Cyrus Bennett
3) Karim Callender
2) Hugo Boserup
1) Max Palmer …all via Limosine Skateboards’ Paymaster video


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