#QSTOP56k — November 26, 2021: The Reuben Special

Had to make it an all-Bronze affair this week considering a new Bronze video is basically an office holiday around here. Could’ve been a Top 20 from that video alone. Shout out to Andrew Allen’s Vans part, Will Marshall’s line at Natural History, and the “10:34” video on the Free site.

Happy birthday Pryce Holmes! 💕

Original Clips:


Intro via @solojazz [link]
10) Rob Gonyon
9) Josh Wilson
8) Dick Rizzo
7) Will Marshall
6) Cuz Panebianco
5) Mark Humienik
4) Gus Gordon
3) Elijah Odom
2) Grady Smith
1) Jordan Trahan

…all from the Bronze 56k video, The Reuben [link]


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  1. if ppl say that bill’s zoom in filming style is popular bc thats the only way the footy doesnt look slow in hd, i couldnt help but wonder watching this video which has almost none of that and none of the footy looks slow. seems dumb that we are making excuse for that shit being the standard hd filming when this vid proves its bullshit.

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