Bronze 56k Presents… ‘The Reuben’

Having been out of town for the Bronze premiere two weeks ago, one naturally feels compelled to ask for opinions from those who were present. But truth be told, “how was the Bronze video?” is a stupid question; it’s the skateboard media equivalent of “will this water be wet?”

It is a testament to the endurance of the Bronze franchise that not a single project in an over-a-decade-long run has ever fell short of expectations. Here is the most imitated independent skate video series of the 2010s, and it is still as fresh as it was when Drake told you about knowing too many people in here right now as a helicopter shot spun around the Statue of Liberty in Solo Jazz.

There is a Bronze aesthetic, but it never became a formula — there are newly discovered spices thrown in along the ten-year journey. We now find ourselves looking for those superflous switch hardflips, Mike Heikkila’s BGP nods of approval, and Fred Gall’s spiritual guidance in every release. The roster has grown, evolved, and adapted to new roles like that of a well-managed sports franchise with storied rafters.

We’re going to do the year-end Readers Poll again starting next week, but as far as the official QS ballot is concerned, The Reuben is the best video of the year ❤️


  1. can’t think of another crew or series that’s just gotten better and better for this long

  2. I had someone doing some fuckedshit at the Flushing 6 on my bingo board but guess not.

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