#QSTOP10 — December 10, 2021

All over the globe this week. It is sometimes tough picking a single trick from those Suciu parts, so any “why’d you go with that one”-commentary is expected. It just gets nuts from 7 onward, so any “___ should’ve been ___” is correct :) You’re all correct! Always! Have a good weekend ❤️

Original Clips:


Intro via @whatisnewyork [link]
10) Gauthier Rouger via “Minuit Exp. 03” [link]
9) Reece Knobloch via “Weekendz” part [link]
8) Bear Myles via Yardsale’s “YS UK” video [link]
7) Tremaine Glasgow via Chance Swainson’s “blast!” video [link]
6) Alexander Hatfield via Yardsale’s “YS UK” video [link]
5) Alex Tsagka via “Plumber” part [link]
4) Mark Suciu via “Flora III” part [link]
3) Mason Silva via IG [link]
2) Eetu Toropainen via “e2 Solutions” part [link]
1) Chima Ferguson via “A Real Short Part” [link]


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