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Photo by Greg Navarro

Feels kinda crazy starting a QS update without a picture of Keith… Was tempted to use some of Pat Steiner’s modern art masterpieces this week, but we have a whole year-end content season for that! ;)

Jawn Gardner leads the charge on an important message with a nine-minute documentary about shedding the stigma of discussing mental health issues in the skate community ♥

On the chance that you haven’t been catching the …Arizona Iced Tea skate team edits on the TWS site (..yeah!), some of the most insane skateboarding in New York released this year was via their trip edit, e.g. the back tail off the marble kicker, the switch frontside flip across from the Stock Exchange, etc. TWS just posted up the first two raw edits from it, and wow it is crazy to look back at how desolate the city was last fall.

Can’t remember the last time getting this many messages about a Skate Trick On The Internet™ that wasn’t landed yet — Brandon Turner has another #QSTOP10 number one waiting for him once he does the nollie backside flip into the Courthouse from his new “Day in the Life”-ish video with Jenkem.

A bit of #nonskatecontent from some dear friends: 1) Andre Page tells the story of his 1995 BMW 318i for Tom Gorelik’s “Car Stories” series. 2) Aaron Wiggs A.K.A. Uncle Leroy did one of those “Show Your Home” profiles + a lil’ interview.

Utterly insane what Carlos Ribeiro could just throw together in New York for an Insta edit. Excited to see what they pulled the “real camera” out for :)

[SENDMORE].MOE” is a mostly D.C. edit — but with a lil’ bit of New York footy in the middle — from Joel Barahona and Jason Nam. Spotted via the crew at Vague.

Thrasher shared six minutes of raw footy from Wenning, Pappalardo, Dill et al. skating New York in 1999, for what would ultimately become the Photosynthesis video.

“IOMB” is another hype and ~moody~ outing from the Raskal dudes out of Marseilles, probably the best city for skate edits right now.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: It’s back! This week, it goes to Luka’s shoulder.

Quote of the Week: “My dad’s girlfriend is plugged in with a Bulgarian real estate lord.” — Dana Ericson

Was thinking it’s wild that the the inaugural Palace “Trip to New York” edit is ten years old now. (March would’ve been the actual anniversary.)


  1. watched that palace clip by coincidence last friday before going skating to summon some hype from 2011 and shouted HYPNOTIZE MINDS the whole session. It worked btw

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