Five Favorite Parts With Jack O’Grady

Interview by Farran Golding
Collage by Requiem For A Screen
Photos by Thomas Robinson via Jack’s Thrasher Interview

Missed the chance to run a “Five Faves” in September, but 8-for-10 so far on the promise of doing one a month in 2021 isn’t so bad ;) The latest comes from a young man bound to be in consistent S.O.T.Y. contention for the foreseeable future. We are also now two-in-a-row on people born after the release of Video Days citing Guy’s part as a major influence.


Guy Mariano – Blind: Video Days (1991)

Ever since I watched this, I wanted one of those Spitfire tees.

This part is insane for his age at the time. The constant lines, casually piecing it all together. I’ve still never seen anyone skate J-Kwon like that to this day: hitting the transition on the wall then skating the rail. The tune goes well with this, he’s popping on every beat, pretty much. It made me really want to noseblunt a curb.

Brian Anderson – Toy Machine: Welcome To Hell (1996)

B.A. looks so staunch and scary with the shaved head; he shrinks spots with his stare and length. I love the song [“Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2” by Pink Floyd], I reckon it sounds eerie and just suits the skating here so well. Can’t beat the button-up flannel kits — some classic shit just speaks for itself.

The landing on the kinked rail boardslide in S.F. is so good, just grabbing that pole to a stop. I’m glad that’s in there.

Jerry Hsu – enjoi: Bag Of Suck (2006)

That 540 kickturn on the bank is so dope.

I didn’t watch Bag Of Suck until I got a little older. Jerry’s part amazed me, and it opened my eyes to how many tricks one person can do.

It also opened my eyes to how you can continually skate a spot: Jerry switch flipping over the rail and into bank, then backside ollieing the same spot after they stuck a fat pole put in it blew me away. Adapting to the spot as it changed was cool.

It gets real dramatic when that second song comes in [“Superstar” by Sonic Youth]. You can really feel it, watching it. Man, imagine actually going for that switch crook pop on the bump-to-rail. Fuck that. Nollie backside heel? Timeless.

Shane Cross – Volcom: Let’s Live (2007)

Let’s Live was the first ever video I watched. Shane Cross had already passed away before I had any knowledge about him or had watched any of his footage. Rest in peace to a legend.

You can see he’s getting older [throughout the part], flaring out his ‘fits. “Friday On My Mind” is a classic tune; when I was eight or nine, in the car with mom, it would play on this radio station she’d listen to. When I was that young, it tripped me out the same song my mom listened to was in a skate video.

Pat Burke – $lave: Radio Television (2009)

If you’re gonna skate to Brotha Lynch, you’ve gotta deliver the goods.

That first kicky when the old boy takes a slam on the bike — you’re so confused about the situation and immediately want to know more. I love how it’s all over the place, especially the pushes during the line where he ollies the small footpath across those stones then kickflips into a bank. These days, I feel like people forget to put funny hijinx in their videos, but it shows the skater’s personality, which is a must.

I love that weird thing he does with his hands while rolling away from the crook around the curve rail. Good curtains. And that fat switch tre.

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  1. Glad he included that Shane Cross part. Feel like he/that part were influential to a lot of young Australian skaters

    R.I.P. Shane

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